Stagefright: The New Face of Mobile App Data Theft

How vulnerable, exactly, are Android phones to mobile app data theft? Based on recent research from mobile security expert Joshua Drake, 95% of Androids are potentially compromised by Stagefright, a media playback tool. As you may have heard, 6 critical vulnerabilities in Android’s media tools have [...]

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Pew Research and Smart Insights Mobile Fact Sheet 2017: Appdome Review

Mobile devices and mobile applications are thriving! Different types of mobile devices are being introduced to the market each year, coupled with an ever-increasing user base around the world. The Pew Research Center provided a very insightful Mobile Fact Sheet in 2017 on the Mobile Devices landscape.

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Appfusion offers Mobile App Security for SAP® Apps

Planned integration provides enhanced security solutions to developers of SAP Fiori® mobile and enterprise apps AppDome, a market leader in dynamic mobile application security-as-a-service, announced today at the SAPPHIRE® NOW conference that the company will enable customers to use AppDome’s breakthrough App Fusion security suite [...]

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Discover the Latest in Mobile Banking Apps Security

AppDome’s AppFusion service is now available on the Temenos Marketplace, protecting customers from threats targeting mobile financial apps AppDome announces the availability of AppFusion via the Temenos Marketplace, accessible to Temenos customers worldwide. AppFusion protects mobile banking apps against a wide range of mobile attacks, [...]

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Keynote Offers Mobile Testing Integration with Appdome

New integration gives developers and testers the ability to automatically analyze mobile applications for security vulnerabilities. Keynote, now a part of Dynatrace, a leading digital performance company, today announced the integration of AppDome Mobile Vulnerability Assessment with the Keynote Mobile Testing platform. The new capability will [...]

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Appdome Achieves Funding for Disruptive Mobile App Security SaaS Technology

Menlo Ventures Backs AppDome’s Global Expansion AppDome, the market leader in dynamic mobile application security-as-a-service, announced today that it closed $13 million in Series A funding, led by Menlo Ventures. The round includes participation from original investors JVP (Jerusalem Venture Partners) and OurCrowd, together with [...]

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The Terrifying Truth About Data-At-Rest Vulnerabilities

As the shift from desktop web applications to mobile apps approaches warp speed, the security measures taken by businesses to protect their proprietary data must expand beyond traditional network protection to secure consumer mobile apps and their data. […]

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The Struggle for Mobile Data-at-Rest Encryption

Mobile data-at-rest encryption isn’t a new concept for CIOs or CISOs of financial institutions, or of any other enterprise for that matter. Cyber criminals have been targeting data-at-rest with specially developed malware, spyware and other methodologies. However, considering the unprecedented number of mobile devices [...]

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