Fusion vs App Wrapping

Get the Guide Learn why Fusion is much better than App Wrapping. Integrate any SDK and API to Any Mobile App App wrapping is a first generation solution for adding functionality to mobile apps. [...]

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Appdome’s Dashboard and Logs Now Show Fusion Events and Fused Apps!

Appdome just released two new features (Dashboard and Logs) designed to boost visibility and transparency in using Appdome. The new features do two things. First, you can now view and search activity logs so you can get the "who, what, and when" for Fusion tasks started and completed, and see when Fused apps are installed on demand.

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Fusion Implements Mobile Services to Apps

“Fusion is the Way” quickly became the unofficial and unequivocal tagline for our first ever Sales Kick Off (SKO) in January 2017. We had team members fly in from Israel, Europe, and the east coast to join the Silicon Valley team. It was productive, enjoyable and very upbeat. The opportunities in front of us,became clear: We really have stumbled onto a new “way” to implement mobile services to apps.

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Appdome FusionGRAVITY™Allows Multi-Service Mobile Integration

We released FusionGRAVITY™ on the Appdome platform! As an Appdome customer, you can now leverage this new multi-service technology to further accelerate and scale your app integration projects. FusionGRAVITY is a unique codeless productivity tool provided by the amazing engineers at Appdome.

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Exploring the Cloud-Based Service of Appdome’s AppFusion

First of all AppFusion is a codeless platform to automate mobile integration. It is a cloud-based service that can be used by mobile developers as well as mobile professionals (Mobile IT, Ops, LOB etc) to rapidly integrate new functionality and services to mobile apps on demand without [...]

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How the AppFusion Platform Empowers Mobile Security

Startup’s Technology Automates Mobile App Integration, Dramatically Reducing Complexity and Cost for the Mobile Industry Redwood City, Calif. – Oct. 18, 2016 – Appdome, the mobile industry’s first cloud service that automates mobile integration – by fusing new services such as security and mobility management to mobile apps [...]

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