Appdome Attends JiveWorld 2017!

Last week, Appdome was a silver sponsor at JiveWorld 2017 in Las Vegas. We had tremendous fun, talking to Jive customers about their current and potential Jive mobile deployments, demoing Appdome and sharing the fantastic French macaroons that we provided at our booth.

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No-Code Microsoft Intune Integration

Download the solution brief Now Complete the form below to get the  No-Code Microsoft Intune Solution Summary Now Executive Summary This eGuide describes the technology and features on Appdome that allow anyone to [...]

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No-Code IBM MaaS360 Integration

Get the Guide Download the No-Code IBM MaaS360 Integration eGuide Now What's in the Guide? Appdome quickest and easiest way to complete no-code IBM MaaS360 integration to Android and iOS mobile apps. This eGuide describes [...]

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Mobile Developers

Key Benefits for Mobile Developers Save months of development time. Deliver mobile security, authentication, mobility, analytics and more in your app in seconds. Deliver critical services in Android and iOS apps without changing source code, adding libraries, or coding SDKs or [...]

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Happy Holidays from Your Team at Appdome!

It’s that time of the year. Decorations are up. Holiday cheer is in the air. It’s a good time for many things, including taking a moment to reflect on the year. We began this journey to make mobile integration easy on developers. We’re solving an incredibly difficult, complex and challenging task, bringing the rich and creative world of mobile service SDKs together with amazing apps.

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Appdome’s Dashboard and Logs Now Show Fusion Events and Fused Apps!

Appdome just released two new features (Dashboard and Logs) designed to boost visibility and transparency in using Appdome. The new features do two things. First, you can now view and search activity logs so you can get the "who, what, and when" for Fusion tasks started and completed, and see when Fused apps are installed on demand.

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Customize Mobile App Names, Versions, Icons and Config Files

Appdome recently released new features that make the Appdome for App Publishers service better and more attractive for ISV-app makers and their enterprise customers. Appdome now allows makers of enterprise and workplace apps to further empower enterprise customers to customize the app experience as part of every Fusion event.

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EMM and MAM SDK Integration Made Easy

A big customer comes calling. The company is interested in deploying your app to its entire global teams. Yay! But there’s a catch. They need you to integrate the app with their secure (EMM) environment. What do you do? You are now faced with several decisions.

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