Discover Dynamic App Fusion for Developers of Mobile Applications

AppDome, the market leader in dynamic mobile application protection announced today that it plans to release a new version of AppDome, its unique dynamic mobile App Fusion technology which does not require any source code modifications or SDK integrations. The App Fusion process can take up to [...]

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Mobile Enterprise Access

Appdome for Mobile Enterprise Access Delivers Allow mobile apps to establish direct and seamless access to corporate resources without device level or per-App VPN. No-code implementations for 3rd-party secure gateways, including F5 Access Manager, Microsoft AppProxy and more. Simplify the [...]

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Adding Microsoft Authentication to Mobile Apps Without Coding

Microsoft authentication has long been the standard for enterprise identity and access management. In the desktop era, Microsoft’s on-premise authentication solutions like AD and ADFS dominated the landscape. Now, Microsoft is squarely focused on promoting its cloud identity platform, known as Azure Active Directory [...]

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OAUG – Get Oracle Mobile Apps Enterprise Ready Fast

Key Appdome Benefits for OAUG Members Instantly add enterprise authentication and mobility management services to Oracle mobile apps with Appdome.Appdome makes it easy for you to implement your choice of mobile security, EMM, authentication and other services (SDKs, APIs) to any Android or iOS [...]

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Better Way to Accelerate Mobile App Strategies

New Site, Broader Support for Mobile App Strategies on Appdome! Hello Appdome Community! Competing in the mobile app industry is tough. Mobile end users expect the best features in every app, in your app. Organizations must use more and better technologies to maintain agility and [...]

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Get In Tune and add Microsoft Intune to Mobile Apps

Microsoft Intune is playing an increasing role in mobile application management (MAM), giving organizations a diverse set of tools for managing complex mobile environments and securing Android and iOS mobile apps.

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Appdome for Mobile Identity

Learn More! Download Appdome for Mobile Identity Guide Now What You Get Implementing mobile identity and authentication services to apps doesn’t need to be difficult, time consuming, or costly. Learn how you can [...]

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Mobile Compliance

Key Benefits for Mobile Compliance Achieve instant mobile compliance with existing and new data, privacy and other regulations, like GDPR, HIPAA and FINRA, all without code or coding. Appdome is perfect for mobile applications used by internal, consumer and patient mobile [...]

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Mobile SDK and API Vendors

Appdome for Mobile SDK and API Vendors Delivers Automate Mobile SDK and API implementations, leverage technology and speed customer deployments. Eliminate the project risk and lengthy delivery schedules needed to manually code mobile SDKs and APIs to Android and iOS apps. [...]

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