Mobile Malware: Keeping the Bad Guys Out of Your Apps

Security tips for mobile application developers Mobile malware developers are creating malware at an increasing volume, velocity and level of sophistication. I guess it’s because they’re bad guys, it’s what they do – to steal a line from Harley Quinn. [...]

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Appdome Reviews Gartner’s Top Findings in Endpoint and Mobile Security

Threats to mobile devices and mobile security are real and omnipresent. Read what these industry experts say. Gartner, in its Predicts 2017: Endpoint and Mobile Security research document, listed 5 key findings with regards to Mobile Security. NowSecure, mobile application security company, published an interesting mobile security report and found 10 surprising stats exposing mobile data security dangers.

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Pew Research and Smart Insights Mobile Fact Sheet 2017: Appdome Review

Mobile devices and mobile applications are thriving! Different types of mobile devices are being introduced to the market each year, coupled with an ever-increasing user base around the world. The Pew Research Center provided a very insightful Mobile Fact Sheet in 2017 on the Mobile Devices landscape.

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Appdome Introduces New Mobile Identity Category

We just released a new service category – Mobile Identity on the Appdome Platform! The new category enables customers to securely integrate mobile identity SDKs, including rich feature sets like advanced authentication and biometrics to new and existing mobile apps.

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Mobile App Obfuscation Makes Attackers Sad When Reversing

Security tips for mobile application developers Would you like to confuse mobile app hackers, make friends and be the life of the party? Well mobile app obfuscation is for you, at least for the confusion of the hackers part; I suggest the Jokes Subreddit [...]

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Preventing Man in the Middle Attacks on Mobile Apps

Start Preventing Man in the Middle Attacks on Mobile Apps with Appdome. Man in the middle attacks (MiTM) are a popular method for hackers to get between a sender and a receiver. MiTM attacks, which are a form of session [...]

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The Issue of Mobile App Tampering

by Brian Contos, AppDome VP of Customer Engagement and IDG Contributor Mobile applications are, well, applications. And like any application they need to be protected. I’ve been blogging about attacks on mobile like mobile malware, mobile pharming and mobile phishing and I even wrote a blog on data at rest encryption [...]

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