Bridge the Compatibility Gap Between SDKs, Uses Cases and Apps

What gap, you might ask? The gap between SDKs, apps, and use cases. I was really happy that Gartner recognized this value proposition from Appdome. In their 2018 Mobile Application Management Market Guide, Gartner said, “Appdome develops its own extensions to third-party SDKs to bridge gaps between SDKs, use cases, and apps”. But what does this really mean?

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Mobile SDK Integration – The Achilles Heel in Mobility Strategies

SDKs are designed to reduce development burden required to implement services. They aid enterprises in adding desired capabilities and features to apps, without having to develop them internally. For this very reason, mobile app developers prefer SDKs as they serve as ‘building blocks’ for connecting apps to mobile services during the development cycle.

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No-Code Mobile Integration for ISVs: Key Benefits

As you know from my last post, Appdome for App Publishers is a new service on the Appdome platform designed to support the growing need to integrate mobility solutions with commercially available apps. Thanks to those of you that have contacted us about this amazing new service. FI thought I’d share some of the incredible benefits others have shared with me.

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