Mobile SDK Integration – The Achilles Heel in Mobility Strategies

SDKs are designed to reduce development burden required to implement services. They aid enterprises in adding desired capabilities and features to apps, without having to develop them internally. For this very reason, mobile app developers prefer SDKs as they serve as ‘building blocks’ for connecting apps to mobile services during the development cycle.

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EMM and MAM SDK Integration Made Easy

A big customer comes calling. The company is interested in deploying your app to its entire global teams. Yay! But there’s a catch. They need you to integrate the app with their secure (EMM) environment. What do you do? You are now faced with several decisions.

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Simplify Mobile App Integration with SDKs

I'm Ready to Learn More! Download Simplifying Mobile App Integration with SDKs white paper now What You Get A guide on how to simplify mobile app integrations with SDKs. Mobile app developers are under constant [...]

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Appdome’s New AI-Digital Developer™ Completes Mobile Integrations

AI Technology Ensures Any Service Can Be Added Without Code or Coding REDWOOD CITY, CALIF., Dec. 11, 2018 –Appdome, the mobile industry's first no-code, cloud platform for mobile app integration, today revealed a new AI-Digital Developer™ that completes the mobile integration work on Appdome. Two [...]

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Continuous Integration | Continuous Delivery

Appdome for CI/CD Delivers Removes manual mobile integration from the build. Services, SDKs, APIs and more are added automatically as the final step in the CI/CD workflow. Connect Appdome directly into all existing CI/CD tools including Jenkins, Travis CI and others [...]

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Introducing AMI: AI Mobile Integration

AMI, or AI-Enhanced Mobile Integration, is the new groundbreaking technology that serves as “the digital developer" inside Appdome. Two years in the making, AMI learns each and every time users complete mobile integrations on Appdome. AMI can apply her knowledge to new situations, deciding [...]

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Appdome Brings No-Code Integration to Mobile Enterprise Access

Add MicroVPN, Microsoft App Proxy and F5 APM to Android and iOS apps in seconds REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. -- NOV. 14, 2018 – Appdome, the mobile industry’s first no-code platform for mobile app integration, today announced the general availability of a new slate of no-code [...]

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New Knowledge Base for No-Code Mobile Integration Projects

Today, we're unveiling a new knowledge base that will be a huge benefit to all current users and to newcomers on Appdome. Appdome has become the gold standard in mobile integration. We take our growing responsibility seriously. To align with that responsibility, our knowledge base needs [...]

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