Appdome is the App Throwdown Winner at SugarCRM’s SugarCon 2017

In August, SugarCRM became a member of the Appdome App Publisher program, and we were included in the annual SugarCRM user conference SugarCon. We participated in this year's App Throwdown competition, and (spoiler alert) we won! One of the exciting highlights of SugarCon is the annual App Throwdown competition, where partners showcase their integrations to SugarCRM.

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Welcoming SugarCRM to the Appdome Platform

SugarCRM is the latest ISV to publish its app binaries on the Appdome platform. SugarCRM customers can now fuse the Sugar Mobile app for iOS and Android with any of the SDKs available on the Appdome platform. The biggest potential [...]

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Happy Holidays from Your Team at Appdome!

It’s that time of the year. Decorations are up. Holiday cheer is in the air. It’s a good time for many things, including taking a moment to reflect on the year. We began this journey to make mobile integration easy on developers. We’re solving an incredibly difficult, complex and challenging task, bringing the rich and creative world of mobile service SDKs together with amazing apps.

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Welcoming Thycotic to the Appdome Platform

Thycotic customers can now fuse the Thycotic mobile app for iOS and Android with any of the SDKs available on the Appdome platform. The biggest potential and use case will be integrating the Thycotic app with EMM solutions; such as Blackberry Dynamics, VMware Airwatch, MobileIron and IBM MaaS360.

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Managing Mobile Apps in the Enterprise; The Ugly Truth

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, he changed the very definition of a mobile device and introduced the era of BYOD and EMM. At first, people would carry around 2 devices, their company issued device and their new shiny iPhone. Then, they would ask IT to port their company email over to their iPhone.

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