Appdome Introduces DevOps-Class Continuous Integration Experience

Today, we announced yet another game-changing update – Appdome for Teams and a new Branding step in our workflow! Appdome for Teams is a social workplace model for Dev-Ops class mobile integration, and Branding allows users to change/add app icons and make other app customizations.

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Mobile Enterprise Access

Appdome for Mobile Enterprise Access Delivers Allow mobile apps to establish direct and seamless access to corporate resources without device level or per-App VPN. No-code implementations for 3rd-party secure gateways, including F5 Access Manager, Microsoft AppProxy and more. Simplify the [...]

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Cross-App Identity Using Any Authentication Method

Cross-app identity is the next big thing in mobile authentication. On Appdome, we're making cross-app identity a reality for every authentication method. Background on Cross-App Identity in Mobile Apps What is Cross-app identity in mobile apps? It is the ability for two or more mobile applications to share authentication and authorization [...]

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Oracle Validated Integration for Enterprise Mobility from Appdome

Drumroll please, here's some big news: Appdome is the only mobile integration platform as a service (IPaaS) to receive Oracle Validated Integration for Enterprise Mobility. Oracle E-Business Customers can now use Appdome for Enterprise Mobility to easily add EMM and MAM SDKs to their E-Business Suite mobile [...]

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Oracle Validated Integration for Enterprise Mobility

Download the Oracle Data Sheet Now Complete the form below and get the Oracle Validated Integration for Enterprise Mobility Data Sheet Now! Executive Summary - Oracle Validated Appdome for Enterprise Mobility achieved an [...]

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Enterprise Mobility for Oracle Mobile Apps

I'm super excited to announce that adding enterprise authentication and mobility management services to Oracle mobile apps has never been easier. For this reason, Appdome is expanding its partnership with Oracle and is now a Gold Partner. We're exhibiting at Oracle OpenWorld to showcase our new [...]

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Appdome for Mobile App Security

Request a Demo Learn How to Add Mobile App Security in Seconds Without Coding What You Get Instant, no-code implementation of the most comprehensive mobile app security suite to [...]

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Mobile Apps in the Digital Workplace

Download the Top 5 Tips Now Complete the form below and learn how to enable mobile apps in the digital workspace Executive Summary - Mobile Apps in the Digital Workplace Today’s workforce demands [...]

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