The Futex Vulnerability

Here at Appdome, we take mobile security seriously. Naturally, the news of a new rooting mechanism aroused our curiosity and concern. […]

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Appdome Reviews Gartner’s Top Findings in Endpoint and Mobile Security

Threats to mobile devices and mobile security are real and omnipresent. Read what these industry experts say. Gartner, in its Predicts 2017: Endpoint and Mobile Security research document, listed 5 key findings with regards to Mobile Security. NowSecure, mobile application security company, published an interesting mobile security report and found 10 surprising stats exposing mobile data security dangers.

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Keynote Offers Mobile Testing Integration with Appdome

New integration gives developers and testers the ability to automatically analyze mobile applications for security vulnerabilities. Keynote, now a part of Dynatrace, a leading digital performance company, today announced the integration of AppDome Mobile Vulnerability Assessment with the Keynote Mobile Testing platform. The new capability will [...]

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YiSpecter & Internet Traffic Hijacking

The latest on the YiSpecter malware – a malicious code capable of infecting non-jailbroken iOS devices – presents an interesting dilemma. Not only does it conclusively dispel the notion that a device’s official factory configuration insulates it from software abuses, but it [...]

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Immunize apps against XcodeGhost and other harmful 3rd party code

AppDome, the market leader in mobile application protection, announced today that mobile app owners who use AppDome, its dynamic application App Fusion, can consider their mobile app immune to the XcodeGhost attack vector. A vulnerability aimed at exposing data-at-rest, XcodeGhost infects the iOS compiler and [...]

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The Need for Fusion: XcodeGhost Busters

Last week’s discovery of the XcodeGhost is the first known example of compiler level malware on OS X. The malicious code that underlies XcodeGhost is cleverly designed to reach consumer data by attacking developers. […]

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Stagefright: The New Face of Mobile App Data Theft

How vulnerable, exactly, are Android phones to mobile app data theft? Based on recent research from mobile security expert Joshua Drake, 95% of Androids are potentially compromised by Stagefright, a media playback tool. As you may have heard, 6 critical vulnerabilities in Android’s media tools have [...]

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Prevent Mobile App Password Exposure To Ensure Data Protection

Steps To Prevent Mobile App Password Exposure Developers should always try to prevent mobile app password exposure. But when they either use unencrypted text protocol, or incorrectly implemented HTTPS, Big Brand Apps are being left vulnerable and exposed. Worried about your data protection? You [...]

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