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Fast Track Mobile App Development with Appdome

By |2020-08-16T09:33:16+03:00July 29th, 2020|

Automated multi-service, multi-vendor, multi-platform mobile service integration is the holy grail of the mobile app landscape. Delivering on the promise enables companies to create any mobile experience employees and other users need to be productive.

Mobile SSO for Android and iOS Apps – Secure by Design

By |2020-08-16T09:32:44+03:00July 10th, 2020|

We recently debuted new implementations for Okta SSO and Microsoft Azure AD, each offering no-code options to add cloud-identity to Android and iOS apps. In this blog, I’ll zero in on the unique security features of the service which make it even more of a no-brainer to use Appdome to add SSO to all your mobile apps.

No-code Mobile SSO for all iOS & Android apps

By |2020-08-24T14:28:58+03:00May 23rd, 2020|

We’re excited to be in Vegas to attend Oktane ’18 as a sponsor and Okta partner. We are showcasing a new mobile identity service called Appdome for SSO+, which enables enterprises to add native single sign-on (SSO) to any mobile app instantly, without coding.

Add Microsoft Identity for Mobile SSO to Android & iOS App

By |2020-08-12T21:01:59+03:00November 13th, 2019|

Microsoft Identity has long been the standard for enterprise identity and access management both at the desktop as well as for Mobile SSO. In the desktop era, Microsoft’s on-premise authentication solutions like AD and ADFS dominated the landscape. Now, Microsoft is squarely focused on [...]

Better Security for the Modern Mobile Workforce

By |2020-08-12T04:51:31+03:00August 20th, 2019|

Our customers came to us with a new use case for enterprise security and the modern mobile workforce: “How do we securely get mobile apps to all of our employees, rather than just the subset of employees on an MDM, EMM or MAM system?” [...]

Meet Appdome at Collaborate19, the OAUG conference

By |2020-08-11T01:55:24+03:00April 8th, 2019|

Appdome is proud to sponsor Collaborate19! Oracle customers will see the full power of Appdome at Collaborate19, the annual OAUG conference. This Oracle Applications User Group conference is the largest meeting of Oracle customers organized by the user community. Appdome, an Oracle Validated Integration [...]

Cross-App ID for SSO Is Amazing – Watch the Video!

By |2020-08-30T10:15:39+03:00April 2nd, 2019|

We will be at Oktane19 this week demoing Cross-App ID for SSO. And, the response from Okta customers and partners is tremendous. They immediately see the value this has for their mobile workforce. Cross-App ID Shares Authentication State Between Mobile Apps Since the release of [...]

Appdome Enables Okta Identity Cloud for All Mobile Apps

By |2020-08-30T10:15:39+03:00April 1st, 2019|

For Oktane19, we launched an updated version of Appdome for Okta Identity Cloud. Developers and non-developers can instantly add Okta SSO and Okta MFA to Android and iOS apps in seconds, no code or coding required. Appdome Solves the Challenges With Using Okta Identity Cloud in [...]

Meet Appdome at Oktane19

By |2020-08-30T10:15:39+03:00March 21st, 2019|

We'll again be at Oktane this year. Oktane18 was a great event for us and Appdome at Oktane19 will be another success. What To Look For From Appdome at Oktane19 Appdome is a no-code app enhancement and customization platform. On Appdome, you can create a [...]

RSA 2019 is Here, Let the Games Begin!

By |2020-08-17T15:26:18+03:00March 3rd, 2019|

It’s that time of year again. The city of San Francisco is about to turn into the world’s biggest playground for security geeks and software security companies of dizzying proportions – The annual RSA conference at Moscone Center. This past year has certainly provided [...]

New Knowledge Base for No-Code Mobile Integration Projects

By |2020-08-12T04:51:42+03:00November 7th, 2018|

Today, we're unveiling a new knowledge base that will be a huge benefit to all current users and to newcomers on Appdome. Appdome has become the gold standard in mobile integration. We take our growing responsibility seriously. To align with that responsibility, our knowledge base needs [...]

Shared Authentication State Across Mobile Apps | No-code

By |2020-08-24T22:54:30+03:00October 18th, 2018|

Cross-app identity is the next big thing in mobile authentication. On Appdome, we're making cross-app identity a reality for every authentication method. Background on Cross-App Identity (for Shared Authentication State across mobile apps) What is Cross-app identity in mobile apps? It is the ability for two or more [...]