Appdome Announces New Tools for IT, DevSecOps and Developers

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Today, we’re taking another bold step in our journey to help organizations enrich and deliver mobile apps to their users. These new services are designed to aid and accelerate the organizational dynamic driving mobile app growth, empowering multi-disciplinary teams to quickly and easily bring enhanced mobile apps to market.

@Appdome, we now serve two distinct classes of users (1) IT-SEC-Mobility teams and (2) mobile developers. In an earlier post, I outlined our mission to provide more tools and functionality for mobile developers. Prior to that, we shared our early vision or “Gen v1.0” for Appdome-GO. All of that was the precursor to what I’m sharing today. With that lead-in, allow me to introduce Appdome-GO™ and Appdome-DEV™.

Appdome-GO™ is the Mobile 1st Platform for IT-SEC-Mobility Objectives

Organizations are building and bringing mobile apps into the workplace more than ever before. Because of this, we’ve built Appdome-GO as a full-fledged, enterprise-ready service to support internal mobile projects, including IT-SEC-Mobility objectives. At the center of Appdome-GO is our unique open-collaboration, team-creation and workflow entitlement model. This model allows organizations to map existing organizational responsibilities into the Appdome platform and take advantage of in-house domain expertise in IT, Security, Mobility, Mobile LOBs, DevSecOps, DEV-OPS and SEC-OPS to release apps. What makes Appdome-GO even more powerful is the ability to create, re-use and “sanction” (approve) implementation templates with approved vendors and features needed in each app. Appdome-GO also allows organizations to automatically publish newly enriched apps directly to private app stores, directly from the Appdome platform. This service is the first of its kind in enterprise mobility anywhere.

Download the Appdome-GO datasheet to learn more.

Appdome-DEV™ is Agile for Mobile Integration and Mobile App Developers

Developers are increasingly trusting no-code platforms to create and deliver mobile apps for their users faster. Because of this, we created Appdome-DEV to place a fully automated, mobile app enhancement lifecycle in the hands of the mobile developer. Built from the ground up to support high productivity, agile, development environments, Appdome-DEV eliminates the complexity of adding 3rd party mobile services and mobile features to apps. Apppdome-DEV’s speed and repeatability are achieved through three groundbreaking capabilities that go above and beyond automatically adding mobile features, services, SDKs and APIs to apps without code:

  1. Full Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) integration and end-to-end Build-to-Publish APIs are placed in the hands of the mobile developer. This allows Appdome to fit neatly alongside other CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Travis CI and more. It also allows mobile developers to complete and publish Appdome Fused integrations automatically with each and every build of the app.
  2. Dev-Events and Implementation Control is a suite of new developer-only tools that offer developers an infinite ability to control and customize Appdome-Fused implementations, transforming the default behaviors into vendor-agnostic, shared mobile outcomes for all users. With Appdome-DEV Events, mobile developers can create a wide range of in-app experiences across Appdome-Fused services for mobility, identity, authentication, security and more. Implementation Control allows developers to create customized implementations of all services based on the logic of the app or external services. 
  3. Flexible Release Models and Teams. Appdome-DEV offers enhanced teams, granting organizations greater control over mobile release working groups and workflow entitlements. Appdome-DEV also has new capabilities, including Flex-Release™, which allows organizations to share integration templates (Fusion Sets) and Fused Apps between different teams on Appdome. This facilitates shared learning and more efficient release processes across apps and app groups.

Download the Appdome-DEV datasheet to learn more.

What Is The Best Solution For Me?

See below to review these services feature by feature or check out our pricing page.

I’m excited to have you try these new services!  Combined, this announcement draws on the extensive experience Appdome now has in the enterprise and mobile development market. Thanks to all our customers and users who participated in the Beta of these incredible services. More than ever, mobile first organizations and mobile developers can enrich, augment, add new features and release more mobile apps to their users, consistently and more rapidly than ever before.

Appdome-GO Appdome-DEV Comparison Matrix

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About the Author:

Tom is the co-creator and CEO of Appdome. He builds mobile apps and loves all things mobile. At Appdome, he says “we use technology to make the difficult mobile development projects simple.”
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