Mobile Security Offers Peace of Mind to Developers

At APIWorld 2019 in San Jose, Appdome sponsored a hackathon challenge. There were a lot of great entries, but two really caught our eye to be named the winners of the Appdome challenge. This blog highlights the winning team and their app Komit. The [...]

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VMware and Appdome Partner to Bring the Power of Mobile to Work

A new partnership that signals the future of enterprise mobility has arrived! I’m extremely proud and honored to announce a new partnership with VMware that accelerates customers’ digital transformation for mobile apps at work. VMware's Workspace ONE is leading the market in growth and capabilities, [...]

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Double Jeopardy? I’ll Take No-Code for $200, Alex

Appdome was honored to attend the Vonage Nexmo Transform Partner Summit and Campus 2019 this week here in San Francisco. There are some phenomenal use cases to create more immersive experiences for mobile app users. Building voice, video and text into an app re-defines the [...]

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Appdome Enables PSD2 Compliance for Mobile Apps

PSD2 is important, as it seeks to further modernize Europe’s payment services for the benefit of citizens and business. This new directive, which went into effect Sept. 14, 2019, “promotes the development of innovative online and mobile payments, more secure payments and better consumer [...]

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Protect All Mobile App APIs Against the OWASP API Security Top 10 Risks

On Sept 30, 2019, OWASP published the OWASP API Security Top 10 Release Candidate. The project team that published the Release Candidate said: "APIs play a very important role in modern applications' architecture. Since creating security awareness and innovation have different paces, it's important to [...]

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Helping Developers Deliver Uber-Secure Mobile APIs

In preparing for APIWorld 2019 I came across a Forbes article about a vulnerability in Uber’s Mobile API which prompted me to ask the question: how secure are your Mobile APIs. The article explains how a white-hat security researcher Anand Prakash executed a complete [...]

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Deliver Complete Mobile API Security or Else

Today, we announced a new service on Appdome called SecureAPI™. SecureAPI does exactly what the name implies: secure Mobile APIs inside Android and iOS applications. As with all of Appdome’s implementations, SecureAPI is built into mobile apps instantly without any code or coding. Building [...]

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Prevent ‘Muppet-Grade’ Security with Appdome

The Register reported in September that a large Canadian bank suffered a major security leak of "among other things, software blueprints and access keys for a foreign exchange rate system, mobile application code, and login credentials for services and database instances." The publication reported [...]

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Show Off Your Skills at the APIWorld Hackathon

Appdome is a proud sponsor of APIWorld and the APIWorld Hackathon. Developers use 100s of APIs in mobile apps. And when new functionality is added to an app, more APIs are added as well. As a result, mobile apps can make 1,000s of API [...]

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White Hat Android Packer from Appdome

Here at Appdome, we’re always striving to stay ahead of mobile threats and provide the best mobile app protections to our users. Today, we are adding new protections for Android apps, making Android apps safer to use and even more secure with every build. [...]

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