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Introducing Trusted Session Inspection with MiTM

I hope you read the last blog I wrote about our support for non-native applications with our TOTALCode™ Obfuscation solution for Android and iOS apps. I am just as excited to tell you about another innovation to our mobile security line up. It’s called Trusted Session Inspection. What is Trusted Session InspectionTrusted Session Inspection is an advanced Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM) solution for Android and iOS apps that also does SSL Certificate Validation on the go. The key element of Trusted Session Inspection is the ability to keep track of the SSL session and validated the CA authenticity as it is being sent.

Trusted Session Inspection for Mobile App Security with MiTM and SSL Certificate validation

Trusted Session Inspection for Mobile App Security with MiTM and SSL Certificate validation

In general, Trusted Session Inspection goes beyond where other MiTM protections leave off. It is a state-full approach with zero performance effect. It allows for malicious proxy detection regardless if the proxy is internal or external to the mobile device. And SSL Certificate Validation prevent an app from resuming unauthorized SSL sessions it did not initiate. With Trusted Session Inspection, Android and iOS apps are protected against all types of attacks such as malicious proxy, ARP spoofing or any other session hijacking techniques.

Appdome users can put this new feature to use by selecting “Trusted Session Inspection” within the Secure Communication feature set available in the Appdome Mobile Security Suite.  If you are not yet an Appdome user, just sign up for an Appdome account (it’s free!) to try out this new feature.

Major Innovations to our Mobile Security Suite

We’ve released two important innovations to Appdome’s Mobile Security Suite that provides you even more powerful, useful and robust protection for all apps.  With the latest two innovations, Appdome does two things – obfuscate business logic of binary applications (regardless of the development platform) and protect apps against Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM) attacks. These new innovations can be added on top of other features in our security line up.

A very big part of Appdome’s technical mission is to stay ahead of the bad guys, offering mobile developers richer and stronger protections for every Android and iOS app. All of Appdome’s protections are delivered using our patented Fusion technology, which means developers and non-developers alike can add Appdome security to apps in seconds, without code or coding a thing.

We’re proud of these innovations and look forward to seeing everyone put them to good use inside mobile apps everywhere. To learn more about MiTM, download the Mobile Security Suite datasheet.

Thanks for using Appdome!

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Gil heads engineering at Appdome. He's a security engineer, mobile app developer and has fused 1000s of Android and iOS apps.
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