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Appdome offers the industry’s most extensive and easiest to deploy Mobile Runtime Application Security Protection (Mobile RASP) on the market today. Appdome is a self-service, choice-driven mobile integration platform which enables our customers to select specific features or groups of features across different mobile security categories, and deliver those capabilities inside any iOS or Android app in seconds, with no code or coding.

Our customers create best-of-breed Mobile RASP solutions by selecting their required features and security solutions from the Appdome Mobile Security Suite and clicking a button to add those features to any iOS or Android app.  This lets enterprises build and deliver their own customized mobile security solutions into any mobile app, including apps they build internally as well as apps they license from 3rd party app makers. Appdome delivers a ‘defense in depth’ approach enabling customers to create a layered security solution that spans every major mobile security category. Appdome empowers enterprise developers and non-developers to embed capabilities inside their mobile apps to protect against every possible threat vector targeted at their mobile apps, mobile channels, users and data.

Creating Self-Defending Mobile Apps with Appdome RASP

Appdome’s Mobile RASP solution is comprised of security technology that contains runtime instrumentation inside the app itself, which enables the app to be self-defending against threats. Since most mobile apps do not come with RASP security out-of-the-box, customers use Appdome to deliver RASP capabilities inside their own apps or apps they license from 3rd parties.

Appdome’s Mobile RASP solution includes:

Appdome Mobile RASP - DAR Encryption

I’d say that’s a heckova-lotta mobile app security, wouldn’t you agree? Now I’m no mobile developer (although I have played one on TV to not-so-critical acclaim), but I have delivered many products over the years in my prior life as a product dude. That said, I’d be hard-pressed to come up with an estimate of how long, how much, and how many people it would take me to build all that security into a mobile app the old school way – by manually coding the features into the app’s source code.  Frankly, I wouldn’t even attempt it, but if I had no choice, my estimate might look like this:

  • Humans:
    • 1-2 Android mobile devs
    • 1-2 iOS mobile devs
    • 1 cross-platform dev
    • 1 Secops
    • 1 Devops
    • 1 project mgr
    • 1-2 QA)
  • Time:
    • 6 to 18 months per app (if you own the app)
    • Never (if you don’t own the app, you can’t code to apps you don’t own)
  • Cost:
    • Alot! Do the math, calculate the loaded annual salary of each of the personas above and multiply it by anywhere between .5 and 1.5. No matter how you slice it, the number will be very large. (Or use your own figures if you think my math is ‘fuzzy’).

Or make your life easier, come to Appdome and click to integrate mobile RASP to any iOS or Android app in minutes via Appdome – ZERO Code Mobile App Security. 

You’ll be done in less time than it took you to read this blog (or type TL;DR)

Appdome Mobile RASP - Add mobile security to ServiceNow mobile app in minutes

Video: Adding Appdome security in ServiceNow app without coding

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Alan is VP Strategic Partnerships at Appdome. A longtime product exec and serial entrepreneur, Alan leverages his passion and understanding of technology to bring a deeper perspective to partnerships.
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