Appdome Bridges the Gap

Bridge the Compatibility Gap Between SDKs, Uses Cases and Apps

What gap, you might ask? The gap between SDKs, apps, and use cases.

I was really happy that Gartner recognized this value proposition from Appdome. In their 2018 Mobile Application Management Market Guide, Gartner said, “Appdome develops its own extensions to third-party SDKs to bridge gaps between SDKs, use cases, and apps”. But what does this really mean?

When you think of software development kits (SDKs), it’s easy to think that one SDK will fit all apps. SDKs entail a rich set of tools, code samples, and documentation. All of which allows developers to add services to apps. But the diversity of apps, how they’re built, the frameworks to build them, etc. have exploded and continue to proliferate. An SDK has to work inside this increasingly growing universe of native mobile apps. The gap between SDKs, use cases, and apps grow daily. The ability to solve for gaps becomes critical.

Imagine a team of people who want to build an SDK. No doubt, these are intelligent, capable and dedicated professionals. From the start, these people need to make tradeoffs. They have to decide where to start, what to document first, what platforms to support, what features to expose, etc. They will create their SDKs in a similar fashion as a product is borne. They will start with v1.0 and, over time, the version number will grow with each new use case. From the start, more will be left out than in. It will take time to evolve; more time than it takes for new use cases to emerge. Gaps naturally exist.

Now, imagine another team of people who are building native mobile apps. They too will have to make tradeoffs. They have to decide what platform to write first, what framework to use, what features to build, etc. Often, they will choose to implement SDKs and APIs for external services critical to the app’s use. As they add services, they will discover that features, frameworks, and services often come into conflict with a net new SDK that needs to be added. Just as often, they will discover that their customers want to use the app in a way that has yet to be supported by their app or SDK vendor. Again, gaps exist.

At Appdome, we understand that these gaps are serious business. They impact the developer and the enterprise user equally. They hold back the mobile economy. That is why we are dedicated to solving the gaps and serving critical use cases with instant implementation options anyone can use.

Today, we solve literally 100s of gaps between SDKs and apps – everything from supporting VoIP applications inside enterprise mobility systems, to ensuring compatibility with enterprise single sign (SSO) on environments and complex network schemes, to connecting ecosystem services from single or multiple vendors. Some challenges like handling IPv4 to IPv6 compatibility are easier than others. Others like bridging the gap between frameworks and feature omissions from SDK vendors are more challenging. These days, combined, mixed and varied use cases for the same app inside a single organization are common.

We believe functionality and compatibility gaps will always exist. It’s folly to think that all platforms, frameworks and feature sets will merge into one. In fact, we think diversity and choices are what makes the mobile economy so exciting and vibrant. Our goal is to allow customers to bring the best of what’s out there together, regardless of the gap.

Happy fusing!

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