Mobile app developers love coding 3rd party SDKs and APIs into their apps

– said no app developer, ever

If you’re a mobile app developer and you can’t wait to automate the integration of SDKs and APIs into your mobile apps, then Appdome is for you.
Appdome lets you integrate any SDK or API to any Android or iOS app in minutes, without coding. And we just announced Appdome-DEV, a fully automated, mobile app enhancement lifecycle tool to simplify mobile integration for mobile developers like you.

8 Reasons Mobile App Developers Love

#1 – CI/CD Integration

Mobile App Developers Love Appdome-DEV

Built from the ground up to support high productivity, agile, development environments, Appdome-DEV eliminates the complexity of adding 3rd party mobile services and mobile features to apps. You can integrate Appdome-DEV into your development cycles in 3 simple steps:
  1. Create and approve your mobile integration template (this lists all the mobile SDKs and APIs you want to add to your app).
  2. Enable API access to your approved integration template.
  3. Integrate with your CI/CD system and automatically add the mobile SDKs and APIs to your app, build-by build, release by release.
In addition to Jenkins, Appdome-DEV integrates with all CI/CD tools including, GitLab CI, TeamCity, Travis CI, Bamboo, CircleCI, Codeship, Codefresh, and others. Read the Appdome-DEV KB article to learn more.

#2 – Build-to-Publish APIs

This removes SDK/API mobile integration from the build process and automatically completes your integrations, post-build.
Appdome-DEV’s Build-to-Publish APIs remove SDK/API mobile integration from the build process and automatically complete your integrations, post-build. Specifically, from your build system, you can:
  • Push your Android and iOS apps to Appdome.
  • Build any SDK and API in the app.
  • Brand and configure your app.
  • Sign the new app with your developer certificate.
  • Deploy the app to any public or private app store.
  • And more…
Read the KB article for a more detailed overview.

#3 – Fusion Sets, Re-Usable Mobile Integration Templates

At the center of Appdome-DEV are re-usable mobile integration templates. These templates, known as Fusion Sets, allow you to define each step in the mobile integration workflow, including integration choices, app configuration and branding, app signing, and deployment.

Your Fusion Set comes with an API Key that you will need to complete the integration with your CI/CD build system.

Another benefit of Fusion Sets is that you can share them with other development teams in your organization. This is a great productivity booster and helps your organization avoid any configuration errors.
Watch the 1-min video or read the KB articles on mobile integration templates and sharing fusion sets for more information. 

#4 – Release Teams

Development teams have Project Managers and DevOps team leads who assign specific development responsibilities to specific experts.
This structured collaboration is essential for an effective CI/CD workflow. With Appdome Release Teams you can extend structured collaboration to the Appdome workflow.
Appdome Release Teams have leaders and members. Leaders can:
  • Assign members their specific developer entitlements.
  • Approve and lock Fusion Sets to prevent any accidental changes.
  • Share Fusion Sets with other Release Teams in the organization.
Read the KB article on how to create Appdome Release Teams for more information.

#5 – Appdome-DEV Events

Mobile App Developers Love Appdome-DEV

Mobile app developers can now code their mobile apps with the ability to take specific actions based on events that happen in the app or on the device. Effectively, they are giving their mobile apps the operational intelligence to act independently (i.e., without the need for an external policy service) when certain events happen. For example:
  • When Appdome detects a device is jailbroken/rooted, you can receive the information via DEV-Event and show a built-in customized notice or change the code flow of the app to protect the user and app data
  • You can instruct an app to present an MFA challenge before the user makes an important transaction (such as a financial transaction in a banking or e-commerce app).
And you can do this for any event that occurs in your app. The possibilities are infinite and only limited by your imagination! (But as my mom would say, don’t overdo it!)

#6 – TOTALData Encryption

Appdome TOTALData Encryption is a complete encryption solution. You now have granular control over what to encrypt (and what to exclude), including:
  • The mobile app sandbox
  • In-app preferences
  • In-app strings & resources
  • In-app secrets
  • Signing keys and certificates
  • Authentication tokens and client certs
  • and so much more.

Unique to Appdome-DEV are using iOS secure enclavessmart media sharingsmart offline handoff with local authentication and in-app generated seeds. You can even generate and manage shared and seeded encryption keys from external systems.

Check out this Infographic to see all the Mobile Data Encryption options you get.

#7 – Auto-DEV Private Signing

Signing mobile apps can be difficult, especially when signing iOS apps outside of Xcode. To avoid any confusion, Appdome makes the process very easy and offers
3 ways to sign your Fused apps.
  • Sign onto the platform (the preferred way),
  • Private signing offline, and
  • Auto-DEV private signing.
Customers looking to private sign when using an API and CI/CD integration will use Auto-DEV Private Signing. This allows you to download a script bundled with the apk/ipa to sign. Running the local script (that does not access the internet or leave the internal network) signs the apps while fixing all the mismatches and performs all the Appdome validations locally.
Auto-DEV private signing for Android or iOS ensures that you sign your apps with certainty, without your private signing credentials leaving your organization’s internal network. This way you will meet all compliance rules.

#8 – Auto Deploy to Public and Private App Stores

Build-by-build, release-by-release, you can use Appdome-DEV’s Build-to-Publish APIs to complete mobile integration projects that add mobile security, VPN, SSO, MFA, EMM, MAM and/or mobile threat services to your apps.
You can also use the API to auto-deploy your Fused apps to both the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store.
If your app supports an internal use case, you can auto-deploy to private or enterprise app stores such as the Microsoft IntuneIBM MaaS360 and MobileIron app stores.

For More Information on Why Mobile App Developers Love Appdome-DEV

Read the Appdome-DEV datasheet or start your Appdome trial today and see for yourself how Appdome can simplify and automate your mobile integration projects.
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