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Oracle Validated Integration for Enterprise Mobility from Appdome

Drumroll please, here’s some big news: Appdome is the only mobile integration platform as a service (IPaaS) to receive Oracle Validated Integration for Enterprise Mobility. Oracle E-Business Customers can now use Appdome for Enterprise Mobility to easily add EMM and MAM SDKs to their E-Business Suite mobile apps.  with the confidence and trust provided by an Oracle Validated Integration.

Read the Oracle data sheet: Appdome for Enterprise Mobility Validated Integration for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.

You can understand the excitement when I saw this notification from Oracle pop into my inbox.

Appdome Achieves Oracle Validated Integration
Figure 1: Big Achievement for Appdome

This is BIG. Almost every enterprise organization in the world runs Oracle and the Oracle E-Business Suite solutions. These same organizations now have an easy and fast, no-code solution to add enterprise mobility and authentication to Oracle mobile apps. Appdome for Enterprise Mobility provides no-code implementation options for all leading EMM and MAM providers including Microsoft Intune, AirWatch Workspace ONE, IBM MaaS360, BlackBerry Dynamics and MobileIron.

Appdome for Enterprise Mobility also includes several extensions that bridge the gaps between mobile apps and EMM/MAM vendor SDKs and services. One of the key elements of this validation is Appdome’s ability to deliver consistent implementations of mobility and authentication services to mobile apps built natively and in the Oracle Mobile Application Framework, Oracle’s mobile development environment. All Android and iOS E-Business Suite apps are included in this Oracle Validated Integration.

Oracle Validated Integration Delivers Customer Confidence

To achieve this validation, Appdome submitted detailed technical specifications, worked for weeks with the Oracle technical team, and demonstrated end-to-end functionality, stability and performance of multiple Oracle E-Business Suite apps combined with different EMM and MAM vendor services. The validation work included demonstrating Oracle specific functionality inside Oracle E-Business Suite Apps.

According to Oracle, the Oracle Validated Integration establishes credibility with customers by confirming that the integration of Appdome for Enterprise Mobility with Oracle E-Business Suite:

  • Is designed in a reliable, standardized way.
  • Has been tested as functionally and technically sound.
  • Operates and performs as documented.

Furthermore Oracle makes it clear that achieving Oracle Validated Integration results in lower deployment risk, improved user experience and increased satisfaction for our mutual customers.

We could not be more proud!

What Does this Mean for Oracle and Appdome customers?

For joint Oracle and Appdome customers, this Oracle Validated Integration for Enterprise Mobility means you can use Appdome with Oracle E-Business Suite apps and have the

  • Confidence that Appdome is the right mobile integration choice for your business.
  • Trust that every integration of enterprise authentication and mobility services will perform as expected.
  • Certainty that Appdome’s no-code mobile integration will operate consistently, build by build, for every app.

This is an amazing validation for Appdome’s technology and for all the work Appdome’s Service Delivery team does behind the scenes. Read my colleague’s blog about the new, complete E-Business Suite test environment we now maintain to support Oracle customers that use Appdome for mobile integration.

Appdome for Enterprise Mobility enables E-Business Suite customers and partners to implement their choice of enterprise authentication and mobility management features (SDKs) into any Oracle E-Business Suite mobile app. Simply upload an Oracle E-Business Suite app, select the relevant EMM or MAM provider and click “Fuse My App”.

Oracle Validated Integration for Enterprise Mobility
Figure 2: Fusing Oracle Mobile Approvals for E-Business Suite with the Microsoft Intune App SDK

Oracle Validated Integration for Enterprise Mobility Is a Huge Stamp of Approval

Achieving a world class validation of Appdome for Enterprise Mobility is a huge milestone for any organization. Here is just some of the ways that Oracle’s Validated Integration Program endorses Appdome for Enterprise Mobility.

See You at Oracle OpenWorld

My previous blog focused on our partnership with Oracle and sponsorship of Oracle OpenWorld as a Gold Partner. Going to OpenWorld with an Oracle Validated Integration for Enterprise Mobility is exciting beyond belief.

Come to Booth #3400 and to learn more.

Demos take only a few minutes. You’ll see INSTANT implementation of any EMM or MAM and EASY Enterprise SSO for you Oracle mobile apps! Be sure to ask us how you can achieve advanced PROTECTION for your Oracle Mobile apps with ONEShield, TOTALCode Obfuscation and more.

Oracle OpenWorld will be at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco from October 22-25.

In the meantime, don’t wait for the conference. Add enterprise authentication and mobility management services to your Oracle mobile apps today. Create your free Appdome account and start your trial of Appdome for Enterprise Mobility.

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