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Learn why Fusion is much better than App Wrapping.


Integrate any SDK and API to Any Mobile App

App wrapping is a first generation solution for adding functionality to mobile apps. Compared to manual integration it was a step forward. But app wrapping never lived up to its promise. The problem with app wrapping is that is vendor specific, single purpose, non-reusable, and intrusive to app function. Wrappers do not have full visibility into how the app functions. As a result, app wrapping is known to cause unintended and unexpected behavior change, functional degradation or security concerns.

Appdome’s patented technology Fusion, is a fundamentally different approach to mobile integration than app wrapping. Fusion is cross-platform by design. As a result, it supports both iOS and Android, with zero development and significantly lower operational cost. Compare this to app wrapping which requires substantial effort to implement and is expensive to maintain. In addition, Fusion has no framework, platform or language dependencies. And it works consistently for every app, out of the box. Equally important, Fusion bridges gaps that exist between SDKs, apps, and frameworks, letting organizations fulfill more use-cases and integrate more apps, all with less work.

Key Reasons Why Fusion Is The Better Solution

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