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The Appdome for App Publishers user guide explains to ISVs how they can empower their customers to add services to their app.

Mobile services like Security, EMM, MAM, MDM, SSO, MFA and others can be added by the ISVs customers to any Android and iOS app in minutes without the customer needed access to the app source code. The only thing the ISV needs to do is to make their app binary available on the Appdome platform. The customer will do all the integration work on Appdome. The Appdome for App Publishers user guide is meant for mobile product managers so that they can support the Enterprise Mobility requirements of their customers without having to go to engineering and request SDK integrations to the app.

The Appdome for App Publishers user guide is a blue print for ISVs to instantly announce the integration of Enterprise Mobility services to their mobile apps, without doing any development work.

Key Highlights

Trust Our Customers

“I am an advocate of Appdome.
I believe you are creating something very special for the industry.”

Director, Enterprise Mobility
Head of IT | Appdome

“The speed at which Appdome is delivering new features
is amazing and I’m really excited about the times ahead of us.”

Head of IT, Large multi-government agency

“I’m an early customer,
and I can tell you Appdome works.”

Large FinServ customer, Speaking at MFUG meeting

“When Appdome says what they can do, you don’t believe it.
When they show you, it’s magic.”

Sales Leader, Identity Partner

“We’re tired of implementing SDKs manually and, with Appdome,
we get results and don’t have to change our app.”

CTO, Large B2E ISV

“Appdome’s technology is a strategic solution
to achieve all our mobile strategies.”

Innovation team, Large multi-national organization

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