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Learn how to achieve MAM and EMM Compatibility across Android
and iOS apps in seconds. Overcome gaps between EMM and MAM
vendors and native, React Native, Cordova, Xamarin, and other apps.

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Learn how to achieve MAM and EMM Compatibility with Any App.

Solve the MAM and EMM Compatibility Challenge

Android and iOS apps often don’t work with EMM, MAM and MDM systems. Apps are built using an increasing range of development environments and methods. Apps also come with rich feature sets and third party services. These are often not supported by EMM, MAM and MDM systems. The gaps cause mobile apps to break. Manual implementations of EMM and MAM services are difficult if not impossible to complete and maintain.

Appdome Mobility Suite is a one-of-a-kind, choice-driven feature set that guarantees MAM and EMM compatibility with any app, build-by-build. Mobility Suite bridges the gaps between apps, SDKs and use cases. Common challenges solved by Mobility Suite include features for regulatory compliance and data protection, control of mobile app permissions, WKWebView, WSS, VoIP apps, apps using legacy push notifications, apps built in RMAD and MADP frameworks and more.

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