The World’s First and Only
No-Code Platform
For Mobile Integration

The Appdome platform, is a patented service, powered by Artificial Intelligence
that allows users to add services to mobile apps in minutes without coding.

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Appdome Platform Makes Mobile Integration Easy

Appdome platform is a fully automated mobile app integration service, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Mobile developers and mobile professionals integrate services to apps on Appdome. They integrate security, enterprise mobility, mobile identity and other SDKs and APIs to Android and iOS mobile apps in seconds.  Appdome is fast and easy, does not require source code access, and eliminates the need for manual coding, development and maintenance.

The Appdome platform is a self-service, easy to use, do-it-yourself mobile integration service. Fusion is Appdome’s patented technology and automates the process of integrating features, service APIs and full SDKs into Android and iOS mobile apps. It does not require access or modification to source code.

Appdome uses Artificial Intelligence to build and complete mobile integrations fast. AI-Mobile Integration, known as “AMI,” does the work developers would otherwise need to do to add services to apps manually.

As a result, it saves users significant time and effort. No specialized training or preparation is required to integrate services to app on the Appdome platform. And an app does not require changes to be integrated. Users merely upload a compiled Android (.apk) or iOS (.ipa) app, select the services to be integrated with the app, and click “Fuse My App.”

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