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Clear the Backlog Roadblock: How Mobile Product Managers Can Reduce Time to Market2018-11-16T18:42:25+00:00

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Mobile Product Managers are under constant pressure to focus on a great and intuitive user experience, add new functionality in an agile way, develop new apps quickly, integrate 3rd party functionality and ensure the security of corporate and PII data.
That’s a tall order.
Few people can pay attention to 3 priorities, let alone 5 totally different priorities.
How can Mobile Product Managers manage all the product requests they get and prioritize them on their roadmap? Especially when good mobile engineering talent is in high demand.
In this on-demand webinar, Capriza and Appdome discuss ways mobile product managers can automate three of these priorities, allowing them to focus on building great apps that users love to use and clear their roadmap backlog.
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