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Mobile Enterprise Access Integration

Instantly provide secure access from any Android and iOS app
to any protected network resource without coding.

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Appdome for Mobile Enterprise Access allows customers to provide secure access from any mobile app to any protected network resource with Appdome’s no-code Mobile Enterprise Access integration solution. Appdome’s patented technology allows you to implement several mobile enterprise access services to any mobile app in minutes, without coding. These services include Appdome MicroVPN as well as third-party secure gateways; such as Microsoft AppProxy and F5 Access Manager.

The Mobile Enterprise Access integration solution enables enterprises to connect any mobile app to secure gateways as if this capability was added to the app natively. Appdome supports all the necessary access methods and authentication types out of the box, which means app developers don’t need to manually code SAML, OpenID Connect or OAuth into their apps.

Appdome’s Mobile Enterprise Access integration solution also includes the Appdome Access Suite. These capabilities provide the ability to fuse app configuration information, removing the burden for mobile end users having to copy and paste (or manually enter) server locations and other resource data.

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