Nexmo Verify Two-Factor Authentication for Mobile Apps

Appdome and Nexmo teamed up to deliver a faster, simpler mobile identity solution, enabling everyone to integrate the Nexmo Verify API to any Android and iOS app, instantly and without coding.

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Executive Summary

Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform and Appdome teamed up to offer Nexmo Verify for Mobile Apps, a no-code mobile integration solution the Nexmo Verify API. With Nexmo Verify for Mobile Apps, anyone can automatically add Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to any Android and iOS app, in seconds without code or coding.

Mobile apps are typically built to use basic authentication (e.g., username and passwords) rather than modern authentication or multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods. This makes using Nexmo Verify inside mobile apps a challenge.

This Solutions Guide details how Appdome makes Nexmo Verify for mobile apps easy. Simply upload an app (.ipa for iOS and .apk or Android) to Appdome, select the Nexmo Verify service, click “Build My App” and in less than 1 minute, Appdome’s technology builds the implementation and generates a new app that includes the Nexmo Verify service.

Learn how Nexmo Verify for Mobile Apps, helps enterprises implement 2FA using temporary verification codes to any mobile app, instantly, with no coding.

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