ONE-AppConfig by Appdome

A one-stop solution for the full and complete implementation
of the AppConfig standard on iOS and Android.

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What You Get

ONE-AppConfig is designed from the ground up to make it easy on ISVs and mobile developers to add managed security to apps while ensuring full compatibility with all MDM systems that support AppConfig with a single click.

Even though AppConfig is a standard, not all implementations are equal. MDM vendors also support AppConfig differently, across iOS and Android. Within Android, different versions lead to different requirements to comply with AppConfig. To comply with the standard, developers must build developers must build feature by feature, platform by platform, and app by app.

For the App Developer, ONE-AppConfig helps mobile developers and ISVs maintain full compliance with the AppConfig standard across platforms and MDM vendors. What this means is that ONE-AppConfig ensures the entire AppConfig standard can be met instantly, every time an ISV chooses Appdome. ONE-AppConfig also allows ISVs to complete their AppConfig implementations without writing a single line of code.

For the MDM vendor, ONE-AppConfig eliminates the need for developers to build, maintain and support multiple methods inside an app to support vendor-specific AppConfig implementations.

Benefits ONE-AppConfig Delivers to AppConfig Community

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