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COVID-19 Placed a Premium on Secure Mobile Apps

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how work gets done and ushered in the rise of the remote workforce. Companies responded to this “new normal” by strategically allowing employees to permanently work from home (WFH).  In turn, employees have embraced mobile apps to collaborate with each other and remain productive.

Mobile apps are key for a successful remote workforce. Enterprise priorities must shift immediately to ensuring all remote workers can reliably get work done using new and existing secure mobile apps.

CISOs, as well as IT, Security and DevSecOps teams have to adjust rapidly to deliver consistently secured mobile apps for a completely remote workforce as soon as possible to keep the business running, secure and productive.

Our Message in COVID-19

We believe in protecting everything mobile, including people, memories, transactions, work, connections and more.

The COVID-19 Mobile Remote Workforce Challenge

74% of Companies Plan to Permanently Shift to More Remote Work Post COVID-19

Gartner, April 2020

Even before COVID-19, organizations were building native and hybrid mobile apps, and using more 3rd party mobile apps, for business and employees. In addition, enterprises and B2E app makers alike are increasingly using public app stores to distribute workplace mobile apps to the digital workforce and remote workers. The Verizon Mobile Security Index found that apps downloaded from official stores can be compromised or introduce vulnerabilities due to poor coding.

The challenge for CISOs and DevSecOps team in supporting a remote workforce is securing these apps and make them compatible with their enterprise environments, including conditional access, authentication and access policies.

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How to Protect All Your Workplace Mobile Apps Fast

With COVID-19, enterprise priorities must shift immediately to ensuring all remote workers have new and existing secure mobile apps to complete and continue work

— Tom Tovar, CEO Appdome

Appdome makes protecting your workplace mobile apps easy and straightforward. With a single click, CISOs and DevSecOps teams can build and secure the mobile apps their workforce needs to stay connected and productive. With Appdome, organizations can give their employees access to popular business apps, and at the same time ensure that these apps comply with corporate security and access policies. Appdome also integrates with existing DevOps CI/CD workflows, eliminating the need for new processes.

Appdome is perfect for managed and non-managed mobile devices alike, including zero-trust devices, BYOD as well as UEM and MAM.

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