F5 and Appdome Partner on No-code Mobile F5 Anti-Bot Solution

Last week, Appdome announced a new global partnership with F5. The partnership will enable customers to integrate the F5 Anti-Bot mobile SDK into any Android or iOS app instantly, with no-code or coding.

F5 chose Appdome as the primary solution for customers to implement its new mobile Anti-Bot service. F5 realized that leaving customers only one option, manual SDK integration, was not ideal. Appdome’s technology offers speed and efficiency of implementation, as well as the ability to reach more apps with the F5 Anti-Bot Service. Through the new partnership, F5 customers can use Appdome to implement the Anti-Bot SDK to any app in one-click, all without writing or changing any code in the app. On top of that, F5 customers get Appdome’s advanced app hardening feature set every time the Anti-Bot SDK is fused to an app. Detect bots. Protect apps. Save Time. The F5-Appdome partnership is a powerful combination.

At Appdome, we see mobile bot detection and prevention as a critical part of any mobile identity and  threat defense strategy.  Allow me to explain. Bots impersonate human users, often to disguise malicious activities. A very legit ‘use case’ for “bad bots” would be a botnet network sniffing mobile banking transactions en masse. In many cases, bots are used to brute force attack popular websites to hack passwords, perform phishing attacks, or leverage mobile compute and other resources to perform bad acts. Bad bots don’t advertise themselves as bad, obviously. This is why mobile identity and anti-bot detection are so important, and why they go hand-in-hand.

So how does Appdome help F5 achieve the goal of eliminating mobile bots? Appdome gives F5 customers the fastest (instant) and easiest (no-code) way to add the Anti-Bot SDK to mobile apps.

The three key benefits of the joint solution are:

  • Instant compatibility. Out of the box, every mobile app is compatible with Appdome for
    F5 Anti-Bot, no matter how that app is built. Apps can be built in any Android or iOS framework. Native, hybrid and low-code platforms from Xcode and Android Studio to React Native, Cordova, Kony, Xamarin and more are all fully compatible with Appdome. In other words, Appdome is truly dependency free.
  • No Code implementation. Appdome allows F5 customers to upload an .ipa (iOS app binary) or .apk (Android app binary), select the F5 Anti-Bot service and click the big green “Fuse My App” button. The Appdome technology does the rest in under 1 minute, automatically adding the Anti-bot service to a mobile app. This makes F5 customers more efficient (in both time and resourcing). They can now get integrations done instantly, without the need to hire or dedicate mobile development teams to do this work manually – over and over.
  • Validated SDK integration. F5 customers get an F5 validated, standard implementation of the Anti-Bot service every time they use Appdome.  This too saves a ton of operational resources and speeds application delivery timelines. Updates are just as simple as the 1st implementation on Appdome. The service covers all app upgrades and F5 customers can create re-usable templates on Appdome (Fusion Sets) to accelerate integration cycles even further. That should make F5 customers very happy.

Appdome_ID_F5_Anti_Bot short

Figure 1: F5 Anti-Bot Mobile SDK on the Appdome platform.

The F5 Anti-Bot service can be added to any number of mobile apps in combination with Appdome’s advanced app hardening feature set, which is standard with every fuse on the Appdome platform.

For additional fees, the F5 Anti-Bot service can be added to mobile apps in combination with other services available on Appdome. Keep in mind, bots don’t discriminate between internal and external networks. They also don’t discriminate between employee and consumer facing mobile end users. To a bot, all mobile apps are targets. Organizations can use Appdome to Fuse (our word for our instant mobile integration technology) the F5 Anti-Bot service to consumer facing apps in combination with features from Appdome Security Suite.  F5 customers can also use Appdome to Fuse the Anti-Bot service to internally facing apps along side any EMM/MAM SDK needed for enterprise deployment.  Examples of EMM vendor SDKs available on Appdome include BlackBerry DynamicsAirWatchMobileIronIBM MaaS360Microsoft Intune, etc. This is just the beginning.

Don’t take our word for it, experience it live, see it in action!

At Appdome, we’re proud to enable best-of-breed mobile integration choices for customers. We’re very excited about Mobile Identity, and even more excited about this new partnership with F5.

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