Start a 5-day free trial of Man-in-the-Middle Prevention for Android and iOS apps. Appdome’s Man-in-the-Middle Prevention is the industry’s only no-code Man-in-the-Middle Prevention solution, capable of providing continuous security. Add SSL/TLS validation, secure certificate pinning, and mobile client certificates. Protect any Android or iOS app from MitM attacks such as IP spoofing, session hijacking, WiFi eavesdropping, and bot attacks. Stop MitM toolkits such as Charles Proxy, BURP Suite, NMAP, MitM Proxy, Wireshark, and others today. See how easy mobile app security can be!

Top 4 benefits of Appdome's MitM Free Trial

Authenticate Communication

Validate the authenticity of communication between the Android or iOS app and the backend.

Secure API Calls

Protect the integrity of the API calls in the mobile app by validating certificates for specific domains.

Secure Connection with Back End

Ensure the integrity of the connection between the app and the back end server, including enforcing Cipher Suites, TLS Version, Certificate Roles, SHA256, client-side cert pinning, and server-side cert pinning.

No Coding or SDK Required

All protections can be implemented without code or SDK.