Start a 5-day free trial of mobile app privacy for Android and iOS apps. Appdome’s Mobile Privacy is the industry’s only no-code mobile app security solution capable of providing continuous security. Add data loss prevention (DLP) and copy/paste protection. Block keyloggers from harvesting keystrokes and user data in Android and iOS apps. See how easy mobile app security can be!

Top 5 benefits of Appdome’s Mobile App Privacy Free Trial

Secure photos

Without coding, secure and encrypt your photos inside the app sandbox and deny other applications from accessing them.

Stop keyloggers

Prevent malicious keyloggers from being installed and capturing mobile user keystrokes.

Add copy/paste protection

Stops users from copying confidential information in the app and pasting it outside the app. Users can still copy/paste text within the application.

Prevent screen capture and screen sharing

Add DLP by preventing screen sharing, screen recording, and taking screenshots.

No Coding or SDK Required

All protections can be implemented without code or SDK.