How to Match Swift Versions for the F5 Anti-Bot SDK

Last updated April 8, 2021 by Paul Levasseur

The Swift programming language doesn’t support backward or forward compatibility. When building F5 Anti-Bot Protection, which is written in Swift as well, into a Swift mobile app, both Swift versions must be compatible. This Knowledge Base article summarizes how to match swift version for the F5 Anti-Bot SDK.

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How to Match Swift Versions for the F5 Anti-Bot SDK

Before integrating your iOS app with F5 Anti-Bot SDK, you need to verify that your mobile application’s Swift version matches the F5 AntiBot SDK Swift version. The supported Swift versions for the F5 Anti-Bot SDK are 4.0- 5.2. When building your app, Appdome will automatically match the correct Swift version of the Anti-Bot SDK to your application.

If you are prompt with an error message stating that your application’s Swift version is incompatible with one of the supported SDK’s Swift version please recompile your application with one of the supported Swift versions as explained below.

How do I know what’s my application Swift version?

The swift version of your application is determined by the Xcode version you are using to create the application.

  1. Open Xcode software
  2. From the top menu choose Xcode
  3. From the menu select About Xcode
  4. Get your xCode version from the pop-up information window

The following table shows which Xcode version corresponds to which Swift version:

xCode Version Swift Version
9.0 4.0
9.1 4.0.2
9.2 4.0.3
9.3/ 9.3.1 4.1
9.4/ 9.4.1 4.1.2
10.0 4.2
10.1 4.2.1
10.2 5.0
10.2.1 5.0.1
10.3 5.0.1
11.0 5.1
11.1 5.1
11.2 5.1.2
11.3 5.1.3
11.3.1 5.1.3
11.4 5.2

After Matching Swift Versions for the F5 Anti-Bot SDK

Now you can integrate your mobile app with the F5 Mobile Anti-Bot SDK. Once you added F5 Mobile Anti-Bot SDK to your app using Appdome, there are a few additional steps needed to complete your mobile integration project.
Please view the article here on How to Complete My Mobile Integration Project After I Fuse My App.

That is it – Enjoy Appdome with the F5 Anti-Bot Mobile SDK in your app!

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