How to Automate Building Mobile Apps with Appdome REST API

Last updated May 16, 2022 by Appdome

This Knowledge Base article provides a brief introduction to the Appdome REST API, which enables high productivity mobile organizations to fully automate the building process at Appdome and incorporate Appdome as part of their automated deployment toolsets and continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows.

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How to Automate Building Mobile Apps with Appdome REST API

The Appdome REST API enables an enterprise or DevOps group to integrate Appdome directly into any continuous development or mobile deployment environment, including automated build scripts.

For instance, you might be using a tool like Jenkins to automatically deploy a new build environment every night at 4 am. The Appdome REST API could be used to Fuse a pre-defined set of Fusion Sets as part of that automated build process, resulting in full automation of your entire workflow.

Prerequisites for using REST API

In order to use Appdome’s REST API, you’ll need:

Available APIs:

Easy Steps to Automate Building Mobile Apps with Appdome REST API

Getting and resetting your API Token

Once you have access to Appdome’s API service, you can get (or reset) your API authentication token from your profile page:

  1. Click on your “Personal Area” drop-down in the upper right side, select “Security Release Management” and then select “Account and API
    Changes Tentative Api Responses Kb For Clients 74 Read Only
  2. Under “My Plan” you can copy your current API token or Reset the Token.

Using Appdome REST API to reset your API Token

Method POST
Headers Authorization:<API Token>
Payload Format none
API Description Generates a new API Token
CURL Example
curl -X POST -H "Authorization:dkG90pp9LPsXUC_pPWO0qA "
Response Format
{ "api_token": New API Token }

Getting a Team’s API Key

If you want to send API command to a team (in order to use the team’s Fusion Sets and settings), you will have to use the Team’s ID (note: The team’s class must also be DEV).

  1. In the Personal Area drop-down in the upper right side, select “Team Management”.
  2. Select the team and click the meatball menu under the ‘Actions’ column (it appears on hover) to open the “Team Details” window.
  3. Copy the ‘Team ID’.


Getting a fusion set’s API key

Most API requests use a pre-defined fusion set to configure the task’s settings. Once you have configured a Fusion Set with the features you want to add to your apps you can use the fusion set’s API key to refer to it when sending requests.

Note about Playground Fusion Sets: Each app in on the platform has access to all fusion sets of the same platform. In addition, each app has its own “playground” fusion set, that is not accessible to other apps. This is the default setting and is meant for you to “play” and test different configurations. It cannot be used by the Appdome’s REST API, and it does not have an API key. Therefore, before configuring a fusion set to use with Appdome’s API, make sure to create at least one shared Fusion Set (by clicking the “copy” button on any app’s playground set).

To use a Fusion Set with an API request, it must have gone through the Build, Add Context and Sign at least once on the platform (with GUI)

  1. Once you have configured and completed the Fusion Set (with any app of the desired platform), Select it from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the “…” menu for your set.

  1. You can Lock the Fusion Set to prevent changes.
  2. Copy the Fusion Set’s API Key

What’s Next?

You can start by uploading an app with the Single Tasks REST API.

You can also use our API requests Postman Collection.

How Do I Learn More

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If you have any questions, please send them our way at or via the chat window on the Appdome platform.

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