How to Manage Fusion Set Security Templates iOS/Android

Last updated November 12, 2021 by Alan Bavosa

This Knowledge Base article provides step-by-step instructions for managing Fusion Sets on Appdome as part of your release management process.

What are Fusion Sets?

Fusion Sets are pre-built, reusable, sharable mobile app security templates that contain all the selected security features, settings, options and configurations that Appdome builds into your iOS and Android apps whenever you click Build My App.  Fusion Sets accelerate and automate mobile security implementations, ensure implementation consistency and reduce integration time for each build or release of your mobile apps.

Playground Fusion Set

A default Playground Fusion Set is created for each app, whenever you upload a mobile app to Appdome. The Playground Fusion Set is not shared and will affect only the app it was created for. Below is an example of a Playground Fusion Set.

Sharing Templates Using Appdome-GO

How to Manage Fusion Sets (Security Templates)

Once a Fusion Set is created, there are several different actions you can take as part of managing the Fusion Set through its lifecycle.

    • Create a new blank Fusion Set
    • Select the Fusion Set you want to use by clicking on its row in the drop-down.
    • Open the Fusion Sets drop-down
    • Reset Playground Fusion Set – to remove all selected Appdome features
    • Delete Fusion Set – if you no longer need it
    • Copy an existing Fusion Set which you can then rename, change, and share.
    • Subscribe all apps to the Fusion Set. This feature saves significant time because it’s not required to manually subscribe each app to the Fusion Set one by one.
    • View details of the Fusion Set, such as who created it, creation date, including all apps subscribed to the Fusion Set and more.
    • Export the Fusion Set as a JSON file
    • Freeze Fusion Set – locks the Fusion Set so that it cannot be changed by others

Create a New Fusion Set

Click “Create New Fusion Set” to create a new blank Fusion Set, enter a name in the text box and click Save.



Reset a Fusion Set

You can Reset the Playground Fusion Set if you want to clear the features that are currently selected. Follow the steps below to rest the Playground Fusion Set.

From My Fusion Sets, hover over the Reset button as shown below and click it to clear the Fusion Set, as shown below.



If you don’t see the reset button in the My Fusion Sets menu, click the down arrow, scroll down to the Playground Fusion Set, and then click the Reset button as shown below.

Copying a Fusion Set

If you want to share the Playground Fusion Set with another Team, you can make a copy of it.

  • Hover on the Playground Fusion Set, and click on the Copy button.

Naming a Fusion Set

Name your new Fusion Set and press enter.

fusion set release

fusion sets

In order to save time for users, Appdome automatically updates every account subscribed to a specific Fusion Set upon each change. So if you enable a setting in an app subscribed to a Fusion Set, every app that’s subscribed to the same Fusion Set will be updated as well.

Export and Compare Fusion Sets

When collaborating within an Appdome team, multiple people may work on the same Fusion Set – one creates the Fusion Set, someone else signs it, etc. You will probably want to review any changes committed on the Fusion Set, and you can do that by exporting its settings as a JSON file.

Even when working alone, you can compare your different Fusion Sets and monitor your work.

To Export Fusion Set settings:

  • Click the meatballs menu icon to review the Fusion Set details.

fusion set preview

  • Click on the download icon to export the fusion set settings as a JSON file to be saved on your computer.
    fusion set preview appdome

How to Learn More

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