Automated App Signing Options for Secured Android & iOS Apps

Last updated February 1, 2022 by Paul Levasseur

Learn about Automated App Signing Options for secured Android & iOS Apps using Appdome.

Automated App Signing Options for Secured Android & iOS Apps

Using Appdome, Signing secured mobile apps is easy, effortless, and doesn’t require any prior knowledge. Customers have the flexibility of signing apps inside or outside of Appdome. We encourage you to use the built-in app signing service on Appdome, because it includes multiple input validation mechanisms to ensure proper signing. Notice that deploying an app from Appdome platform is only possible if it has been signed properly. Appdome also allows customers to Privately Sign apps outside the Appdome platform. It’s your choice.

Appdome supports app signing for any development environment, framework and platform, including Native Android and iOS apps, hybrid apps and non-native apps built in Xamarin, Cordova, and React Native, Ionic, and more. On Appdome, you can also sign an iOS application that contains extensions such as WatchKit, Share, Notification, File and Documents Providers and more.  If your Apple provisioning profile has expired we will tell you it has when you sign a Fused app to assist in your installations.  This robust implementation cuts deployment cycles and allows one to sign applications from a third-party vendor.

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Prerequisites for Signing Secured Mobile Apps using Appdome

In order to sign an app on Appdome, you’ll need:

  • Appdome-secured mobile app
  • Signing Credentials

How to Sign Secured Mobile Apps

For information on signing Fused apps please refer to knowledge base articles signing iOS and Android apps.

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