How to Use Appdome REST API to Audit App Sec Teams


Learn how to use Appdome’s REST API to audit App Sec teams and Audit SDLC for secured mobile apps: Get team status, members, and entitlements using Appdome “Get My Teams” REST API.

When building apps in a team, you might often want to get the current state of the team or see what happened in the team in a period of time or if an unexpected event occurred in your team, you’ll probably want to know what happened in the team recently that led to this.

This Knowledge Base article outlines how you can use the Appdome REST API access your teams’ current status and retrieve its audit log.

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Prerequisites for using the Appdome REST API to Audit App Sec Teams

In order to use Appdome’s Get My Teams REST API, you’ll need:

How to use the Appdome Team Information API

You’ll need to include your API Token as the value of the Authorization header.

HeadersAuthorization: <API Token>
API DescriptionAllows you to retrieve your teams’ status and information
CURL Example
curl -X GET -H "Authorization: gLz3u8yh1g23PqUkDVo-TA"
Response Format
{ //multiple
    "id": <team ID>, 
    "name": <Team name>,
    "description": <Team description>,
    "founder_email": <team founder's email>",
    "founder_first_name": <Team founders' first name>,
    "founder_last_name": <Team founder's Last name>,
    "founder_id": <Team founder's user ID>,
    "users":[ // mutiple
            "user_id": <User's ID>,
            "email": <User's email>",
            "first_name": <User's first name>,
            "last_name": <User's last name>,
            "team_id": <Team ID>,
            "association_id": <ID of the association between the user and the team (mostly internal)>,
            "entitlements": <The entitlements of the user> // multiple,
            "status": <approved/invited>

Getting Team Events using the Appdome Audit Log API

You’ll need to include your API Token as the value of the Authorization header and the Team ID, start date and end date as URL encoded parameters.

HeadersAuthorization: <API Token>
Query Parameters {
"team_id": <Team's ID>.
"start_date": <Get logs starting at this date>
"end_date": <Get logs up to this date>
// date format: 2018-01-01T10:00:29.059Z
API DescriptionAllows you to download an audit log for your teams.
CURL Example
curl -X GET -H "Authorization: gLz3u8yh1g23PqUkDVo-TA" -H 'content-type: application/json'
Response FormatA JSON response holding the selected team audit log

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You can also use our API requests Postman Collection.

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