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What is Appdome's Jailbreak Detection Bypass

Browse the Jailbreak and Root category and learn how Jailbreaking (iOS) and Rooting (Android) are attack methods where a hacker unlocks the mobile OS to gain full administrative control (aka: root access) over the OS and file system. Using Jailbreak/Rooting, hackers can access and modify OS/system files, modify configurations, telemetry/signals, application files/libraries/data and more. They can even disable security protections and SDKs and that were manually coded into apps. Appdome Jailbreak/Root Prevention is no-code RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection) solution that protects iOS/Android apps when the OS or surrounding environment has been compromised. Key Appdome No-code Jailbreak and Rooting Prevention features: Jailbreak Prevention, Root Prevention, Detect Developer Options, Detect Unknown Sources, Require Android Security Services, Detect Untrusted Devices, SELinux Enforcement, Block Magisk Manager, Block Cydia, Block Checkra1n, Block Unc0ver, Block Xposed.

Top features in Jailbreak Detection Bypass

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