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Financial services, healthcare, legal and government organizations must add rigorous security, mobility, authentication, and mobile identity features to Android and iOS apps to comply with regulatory requirements, privacy laws and data protection rules for digital workplace and consumer users. With Appdome, organizations can instantly address the requirements for critical regulations like:
  • GDPR
  • Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Data Privacy - Confidentiality
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Alt Tag Financial services image
Financial services
Create and maintain TRUSTED mobile services.
Appdome enables financial service firms, including banking, investment and insurance companies, to leverage mobile for their workforce and their consumers. These organizations embrace BYOD and leverage the best mobile apps to promote engaged, collaborative, digital workplaces. Corporate apps need to be managed by an EMM or MDM and comply with regulations like FINRA that mandate separation of work and personal use on mobile. Consumer mobile apps that need to deliver core experiences in banking, trading and claim processing need security at every level. Financial service firms are also looking to leverage mobile identity across their apps to encourage adoption and improve the mobile experience.
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Major Financial Institution
Learn why customers from various verticals including financial services reap the benefits of using Appdome in their mobile integration journey.
Healthcare | Secure Mobile Apps, Protect Mobile Data in Seconds
Secure patient data and deliver mobile CARE
At Appdome, mobile care is healthcare delivered and enabled by mobile. Today, doctors, nurses and staff use mobile apps to work, track, process, confer, collaborate and inform each other and their patients. Mobile apps in healthcare need to comply with highly demanding regulations like HIPAA and similar laws that ensure patient privacy globally. Yet, caregivers and surgeons, as well as the patients they serve, don’t want to sacrifice user experience for the security demanded by IT to meet compliance. Appdome solves these challenges by allowing healthcare providers to create and maintain mobile experiences that enrich the care lifecycle and ensure patient satisfaction.
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Healthcare | Secure Mobile Apps, Protect Mobile Data in Seconds
Healthcare case study
Learn how healthcare organizations use Appdome to meet organizational compliance and HIPAA requirements.
Law Firms | Secure Mobile Apps, Protect Mobile Data in Seconds
Law Firms | Secure Mobile Apps, Protect Mobile Data in Seconds
Law firms
Create a mobile practice without the risk
Leveraging mobile is a must have for legal. Lawyers and clients alike are challenging the legal industry to embrace mobile as the primary way to deliver legal services. Today’s firms are using mobile apps to increase productivity from timekeeping, secure document production, document signing and sharing, to communication and record storage. Firms know that adding security, management and identity services to apps cannot come at the expense of usability. Typically, law firms don’t have internal developers build their own apps. Appdome addresses these challenges by enabling law firms to deliver secure mobile use cases with 3rd party and internally built apps. We’re committed to the people that serve clients with trust.
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Government | Secure Mobile Apps, Protect Mobile Data in Seconds
Complex demanding environments? No problem.
At Appdome, we know government networks are extensive. They are demanding, complex and exacting. Because of the nature of the work these organizations perform, partial solutions don’t cut it. Mobile apps must be secure, identity ready and capable of management by multiple systems and policies all at once. As the government official, the leader of monetary policy or a key provider of defense, Appdome allows them to enrich their mobile experiences. Appdome supports mission critical use cases without compromising usability and productivity and without surrendering any part of the security, management and identity systems put to use by such organizations.
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Government | Secure Mobile Apps, Protect Mobile Data in Seconds
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