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Enterprise App Publishers

Enterprise app publishers need to create engaging and useful Android and iOS experiences for the mobile workforce. These same enterprise app publishers have to meet a myriad of security, UEM, MAM, MDM, IAM and other requirements to comply with enterprise compliance objectives, protect corporate resources, and get their mobile apps approved for use in the enterprise.

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Appdome Industry Solutions​

Mobile Business Intelligence Ready for the Enterprise

Fintech app adoption continue to outpace other app categories.

Recent reports have shown that average sessions in investment apps surged 88%, while payment and banking app sessions increased by 49% and 26%, respectively. Yet 98 of 100 reputable FinTech apps are vulnerable to data exploits, Android and iOS compromises, malware and hacker attacks.

How are you protecting your Fintech mobile apps?

Ask our security specialists how other Fintechs protect their mobile apps.

How Appdome Helps App Publishers Meet Enterprise Security Requirements

Protect Corporate Data and Resources

Prevent data loss by implementing mobile data encryption both at rest and transit; enforcing copy/paste prevention and disabling screen capture and screen sharing.

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Compatibility with UEM, MAM and MDM

Instant, zero-code, compatibility between any B2E or Enterprise mobile app and every UEM, MAM and MDM, including Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE, and more, no coding required.

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Identity and Access Management

Add Native Single Sign-On (SSO) services to any Android and iOS app, without coding. No prerequisite for SAML, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect or other standards in the app.

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No Code Enterprise Security and Compliance Features for Your Workplace App!

Request a demo and see how easy it is to make your enterprise workplace app compatible with security, UEM, MAM and MDM systems, and enterprise IAM solutions to comply with enterprise security requirements. Use Appdome to deliver the security features needed to pass internal pen tests and get approved for use with the modern workforce.

Our knowledgable security specialists will show you how to create 1 or 100s of customized versions of your enterprise app to support different security requirements.

Comply with Enterprise Security Requirements

Every enterprise has different and unique security requirements. Trying to meet these requirements and maintain a rapid go-to-market cadence is nearly impossible.

Appdome ensures that App Publishers can comply with specific enterprise security requirement while ensuring fast and frequent release schedules.

Reach All Enterprise Users with Your Mobile App

App Publishers want to reach the broadest set of users in their enterprise customers including employees, contractors and suppliers who do not or cannot enroll their devices in a UEM, MAM or MDM.

These users still need safe and secure experiences to complete daily HRM, ERP, Expenses, CRM and Travel tasks on mobile. You can reach these users easily with Appcome Zero Management Security,

Compatibility with UEM, MAM and MDM SDKs

There are dozens of vendors that enterprises can choose from to implement one or several UEM, MAM and MDM solutions, each having their own SDKs. Enterprises also tend to rip and replace these solutions quite often.

App Publishers can stop wasting time and resources to try to manually support these SDKs. Appdome delivers instant, zero-code, compatibility between any B2E or Enterprise Android and iOS app and every UEM and MAM SDK, including Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE, BlackBerry Dynamics, and more.

Identity and Access Management

A major enterprise security requirement and consequently a major headache for App Publishers is support for the Enterprise Authentication solution(s) used inside their large customers.

Appdome makes it easy to add Single Sign-On (SSO) services (include all Microsoft Identity) to any internally developed or 3rd party Android and iOS app. No prerequisite for SAML, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect or other standards in the app.

Combine IAM services with UEM/MAM/MDM SDKs or Appdome's Zero Management Security in a single secure build.

Rapid Customizations

Appdome is the only tool that gives App Publishers a way to make their mobile apps comply with any enterprise requirement. Appdome gives App Publishers a private channel to ensure the rapid release of custom builds of their Android and iOS apps to their enterprise customers.

Learn How Other App Publishers Meet the Complex Security and Enterprise Compliance Requirements of their Large Customers.

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This App Publisher uses Appdome to build and publish the most update version of its apps that support Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE and BlackBerry Dynamics as well as Microsoft Identity Services.

Solution Highlights

• Supports all UEM and MAM vendors for management, security and tunneling.

• Supports on-premise and Microsoft cloud-based authentication solutions.

• Repeatable, consistent model for standard and custom implementations.

• Standard implementation distributed via public app stores. Custom implementations deployed to employees via private app stores.

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