Appdome Empowers Mobile Developer Choice

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The number one question raised when presenting Appdome to folks is, “Will Appdome work with my app if it is built in [Native Xcode, Android Studio, React Native, Cordova, Xamarin, Kony, etc.]?” This question is a critical one. My goal is to help newcomers and business teams assess the role of Appdome in achieving their mobile strategies.

Appdome is iOS 11 Ready from Day One!

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Appdome is pleased to announce that we are ready on day one for iOS 11! Appdome makes it easy and seamless for enterprises and ISVs to support iOS 11 while performing integration on our platform. Appdome’s fusion adapters enable applications to leverage the new networking, window management, application loading and efficiency facilities added in iOS 11.

Simplifying AppConfig for App Developers and ISVs

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Appdome can accelerate and broaden the adoption of Appconfig, and encourage the standard to evolve. For starters, Appdome eliminates the manual development work required to implement AppConfig. Any app maker, including ISVs, can now add AppConfig to an app in minutes, without developers writing a single line of code.

ISV Case Study: Thycotic Using Appdome to Simplify Mobile App Integration

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Happy developers make happy code. And the Thycotic app developers sure are happy to use Appdome. But customers are the happiest because Thycotic can now focus on developing great features and functionality for their mobile application, instead of spending time and effort integrating mobile SDKs.

Appdome @ the U.K. BlackBerry Developer Conference

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We love attending the Blackberry Developer Conferences! We get to meet real developers, who use Appdome to implement the Blackberry Dynamics SDK every day. And, we get to meet the product leaders @ Blackberry. You've likely seen the advanced feature set for BlackBerry Dynamics we released earlier this year.

Back in Black @ the BlackBerry Developers Summit in NYC

By |2018-09-25T16:20:26+00:00November 18th, 2016|

Mobile App Developers love the new platform! It was just four short months ago when Appdome and BlackBerry announced our partnership to replace app wrapping with Appdome’s Fusion at the BlackBerry User Conference in July. We celebrated this milestone today by being invited to participate [...]

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