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Agile Android & iOS Defense

Choose Appdome’s Mobile Cyber Defense Automation platform to deliver no-code, mobile anti-bot defense in Android & iOS apps in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline.  Build, test, release and monitor anti-bot defense to stop credential stuffing attacks, fake apps, card cracking, account takeovers (ATOs), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), and invalid traffic (IVT) attacks fast. Stop attackers from weaponizing legitimate or modified mobile apps in automated environments, emulators, and virtualized devices with ease.

Contact us to learn how game-changing it is to use Appdome’s Cyber Defense Automation platform, with Mobile XDR, to deliver mobile anti-bot defense in Android and iOS mobile apps. No code, No SDKs, No Servers, and o network upgrades needed.

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Agile Credential Stuffing Defense
Easier than SDKs, Harder on Attackers, Fraud and Bots

Hyperautomation for
Mobile Anti-Bot Defense

Build, test, release and monitor mobile anti-bot defense in one unified platform. Leverage Dev-APIs, CI/CD integrations, multiple anti-bot, finger-printing and UX options, templates, version control, and Certified Secure™ DevSecOps certification to speed delivery, improve agility, reduce cost, audit builds, and demonstrate compliance.

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Agile Mobile Anti-Bot Built in the CI/CD Pipeline

Stay agile, leverage automation and configuration as code ease to deliver mobile anti-bot in Android & iOS apps in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Protect APIs and authentication domains against credential stuffing and ATOs. Detect mobile bots and block fake mobile apps and invalid traffic (IVT) from your network. No code, No SDKs.

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Mobile XDR for Instant Detection and Response

Inside Appdome, use ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR to prove the value of mobile anti-bot protections deployed in Android & iOS apps. Keep track of new and emerging mobile bot and credential stuffing attacks impacting your mobile brand, business, or customers. Use the data to collaborate and decide on protections in each release.

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"Credential Stuffing and Mobile Bots Aren't That Bad," said no-one ever.

Using Appdome’s mobile Cyber Defense Automation Platform for mobile anti-bot, mobile developers and brands get a triple benefit of (1) rapidly deploying comprehensive mobile bot defense inside Android and iOS apps with ease, (2) using ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR to provide the organization visibility into credential stuffing and mobile bot attacks, and (3) using Threat-Events™ to make mobile apps threat-aware and allowing developers to stay in control of the UX/UI when bot attacks happen. 

Try Appdome’s mobile bot defense solution and combine network level credential stuffing, ATOs and DDoS protection, with industry leading, client level, on-device protection against auto-clickers, emulators, virtualization, debugging tools and other forms of non-human, invalid traffic (IVT), fast. 

Looking for a faster and easier way to
Stop Credential Stuffing?

Make it easy for mobile development teams to deliver mobile anti-bot defense in native and framework-based Android & iOS apps, including Obj-C, C+, Java, JS, C#, C++, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Unity, Xamarin, and more in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Request a live demo of Appdome's mobile Cyber Defense Automation Platform and see how fast and easy it can be to build no-code, Certified Secure™ mobile anti-bot defense and stop credential stuffing attacks, ATOs, mobile API attacks, IVTs, non-human events and more in Android & iOS mobile apps. Simplify mobile DevSecOps. Keep full control over the mobile user experience.

Mobile Anti-Bot, No Server/SDK Required

Validate and authenticate legitimate Android and iOS mobile apps and app traffic, and block fake apps, malicious bots, app zombies, remote C&C networks, and other automated attacks from connecting to your network without an SDK, added servers or network complexity. Leverage existing WAF, Firewall or other common networking elements and avoid performance penalties, compatibility challenges and forced upgrades from SDKs and Network-Based solutions.

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Multiple Mobile Bot Defense Options

Validate and authenticate legitimate Android and iOS mobile apps and app traffic using a variety of options including: (1) static and dynamic client-side certificate options to prove mobile app authenticity during the the SSL/TLS handshake, (2) mobile traffic watermarking using private and secure header secrets from legitimate Android and iOS apps, and (3) Threat-Event™ device attestations for all attack and threat telemetry, including ThreatScores™ and more to block or deny connections.

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Integrated Client Mobile App Defense

Appdome's mobile bot and credential stuffing defense automatically protect Android & iOS apps against static and dynamic reverse engineering, instrumentation, debugging, emulators, simulators, debuggers, android app players, virtualized environment and more to protect your app's login sequences, block credential stuffing, card cracking, and stopping attackers from researching your app's logic and login flows, building fake and modding your mobile apps.

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Integrated MiTM Attack Prevention

No Bot Defense solution is complete if it does not protect the connection between the client mobile app and the mobile backend and APIs needed to run the app. If the identifying element, such as a certificate, secret, cookie, token, etc. were to passed in the clear, hackers could simply use that element in the attack. Appdome's Mobile Bot and Credential Stuffing Defense comes fully integrated with MiTM Attack Prevention, secure certificate pining and more.

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Explore the Mobile Bot Defense Knowledge Base

See “step by step” guides and deeper technical information on the technology and features that make Appdome work. Every day, our technology solves tough integration challenges for 1000s of developers, B2B, B2E and B2C app makers, mobility and security professionals.

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