Autodeploy Apps to Private Appstore

Learn how to autodeploy apps to private appstores. This KB specifically covers automatic app deployment to MobileIron appstore after integrating the SDK.

Organizations using MobileIron need faster and more efficient ways to get great apps into the hands of their users. In particular, they want a way to automatically distribute enterprise apps to the MobileIron store to ensure continuous integration and evolution of mobile apps.

On Appdome, organizations have the ability to create enterprise apps and automatically distribute enterprise apps to the MobileIron Store. To create an enterprise app, organizations add the MobileIron SDK and other services from MobileIron to an app instantly. Then, they can automatically distribute the newly customized enterprise app to the MobileIron store directly from the Appdome platform. This knowledge base article provides a step-by-step guide on how to automatically distribute the newly created enterprise apps to the MobileIron Store.

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Prerequisites To Autodeploy Apps to Private Appstores – MobileIron 

  • Appdome account – IDEAL or Higher.
  • Appdome-GO™ – Upgrade to an Ideal Appdome Go User. See how here.
  • Mobile App (.ipa for iOS, or .apk or .aab for Android)
  • Mobileiron account.

This knowledgebase assumes that you have correctly added the MobileIron SDK and other services from MobileIron to an app. It also assumes that you have successfully signed your newly created enterprise app.

How to Automatically Distribute Enterprise Apps to MobileIron Store

You can automatically distribute enterprise apps to the MobileIron Store directly from Appdome.

  1. Click on the Deploy Tab.
  2. Enable Automatic Deploy in the App Deployment Section.
  3. Choose Mobileiron in the Deploy Service dropdown.
  4. Fill in your MobileIron cloud portal login link
  5. Add yourMobileIron portal login credentials.
  6. Click on “Deploy My Built App” on the bottom right.

autodeploy apps to private appstores - mobileiron

The deployment process will take a few moments. Once successful, you’ll receive a message and an email notifying you that your enterprise app has been successfully distributed to the MobileIron Store.

Autodeploy apps to mobileiron appstore - success message

After the deployment has been completed, make sure to log into the MobileIron portal and complete the app’s description and configuration.

You can follow this guide in order to complete your app configuration in MobileIron.

How Do I Learn More?

Read the blog on automatically distributing enterprise apps to app stores or feel free to request a demo at any time.

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