How to Block Cheat Engines from Hacking Android & iOS Apps

This Knowledge Base article describes 3 Easy Steps to Block Cheat Engines from Hacking Android & iOS Apps. Stop cheat engines from hacking mobile games. No Code, Zero Dev, No SDK.

What is Cheat Engines?

Cheat Engine is a memory scanning tool used to hack mobile games. It allows you to access data stored in your computer’s memory and make changes to that data. This allows you to change the information in a game, such as health, ammo, score, lives, and the number of things you have in your inventory. Cheat Engines comes with a built-in memory scanner, disassembler, debugger, hex editor, and dynamic code injector which makes it a super powerful tool for gamers to cheat in mobile games and for hackers to create game mods or more powerful versions of legitimate games.

Hackers all around the world try to hack almost any mobile game application to get hold of unlimited gold, coins, gems, etc. Sounds horrible right? Many apps today are tampered with, re-packaged, re-distributed, and modified at will by malicious parties looking to either re-use your unique advantage or harvest your users’ data by providing them with fake applications that look like yours.

Top 6 Ways hackers use Cheat Engines for cheating in mobile games:

  1. Search/Discover specific game processes (for the purpose of attaching to the process then altering the process)
  2. Scan memory to determine the specific values assigned to certain game values or metrics (so that you can alter those values to gain advantage)
  3. Change in-game values or in-app purchases to the max allowed limit
  4. Use pointers to find out which function writes a value
  5. Use code injection to change game values or logic (eg:, change the direction of the value associated with ‘ammunition’ to increase whenever you fire your gun – instead of decreasing your ammo whenever you fire).
  6. Slow down or speed up clock speed or in-game timers to gain a relative or absolute speed advantage
how hackers attach to a process using cheat engines
How hackers attach to a game process using Cheat Engines

Appdome’s Block Common Cheat Engines automatically detects and blocks common cheat engines that leverage memory tracing techniques from modifying your application.

Appdome is a no-code mobile app security platform designed to add security features, like preventing cheat engines. This KB shows mobile developers, DevSec and security professionals how to use Appdome’s simple ‘click to build’ user interface to quickly and easily stop cheat engines from hacking mobile games.

Block Common Cheat Engines prevents malicious users from running ptrace against the fused app processes and preventing debuggers and malicious software from attaching it.

Appdome Anti-Reversing protection along with Anti-Tampering and Anti-Debugging defend any mobile app from being tampered and debugged by malicious attackers. Together with Appdome’s Block Common Cheat Engines, Appdome hardens this defense and prevents any cheats engine (or Cheat Engine app) and debuggers from running on the protected app and modifying its memory.

We hope you find this knowledge base useful and enjoy using Appdome!

3 Easy Steps to Block Cheat Engines from Hacking Android & iOS Apps and Games

Please follow these 3 easy steps to Block Cheat Engines.

  1. Upload an Android or iOS App to Appdome’s no code security platform (.apk, .aab, or .ipa)
  2. In the Build Tab, under HackZero, Select Prevent Hacking Tools and Toggle On Block Common Cheat Engines(shown below)
  3. Click Build My App

appdome block common cheat engines protection

Congratulations! You now have a secured mobile app that blocks common cheat engines.

success message for cheat engines

Appdome’s no-code mobile app security platform offers mobile developers, DevSec and security professionals a convenient and reliable way to protect Android and iOS apps with cheat engine protection. When a user clicks “Build My App,” Appdome leverages a microservice architecture filled with 1000s of security plugins, and an adaptive code generation engine that matches the correct required plugins to the development environment, frameworks, and methods in each app.


Here’s what you need to build secured apps with cheat engine protection

No Coding Dependency

Using Appdome, there are no development or coding prerequisites to build secured apps with cheat engine protection. There is no SDK and no library to manually code or implement in the app. The Appdome technology adds the relevant standards, frameworks, stores, and logic to the app automatically, with no manual development work at all.

How to Sign & Publish Secured Mobile Apps Built on Appdome

After successfully securing your app using Appdome, there are several available options to complete your project, depending on your app lifecycle or workflow. These include:

Or, see this quick reference Releasing Secured Android & iOS Apps built on Appdome.

How to Learn More

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