Building a Secure Progressive Web App (PWA) on Appdome

With Appdome SecurePWA™, anyone can build an Android and iOS app from any web property in seconds without code or coding. The SecurePWA service transforms an enterprise website into secure mobile apps fast.  All you need is the web URL and an app icon to build their Secure PWA.

This knowledgebase article explains how anyone can build a secure Progressive Web App (PWA) without writing a single line of code.

What is a PWA?

TechTarget defines a progressive web app (PWA) a website that looks and behaves as if it is a mobile app. According to Wikipedia, functionality includes working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access, enabling creating user experiences similar to native applications on mobile devices.

According to freecodecamp there are multiple reasons for using a progressive web app. They list the following top capabilities it provides:

  1. Fast: PWAs provide experiences that are consistently fast. From the moment a user downloads an app to the moment they start interacting with it, everything happens really fast. Because you can cache the data, it is extremely fast to start the app again even without hitting the network.
  2. Integrated user experience: PWAs feel and behave like native apps. They sit in a user’s home screen, send push notifications like native apps, and have access to a device’s functionalities like native apps. The experience feels seamless and integrated.
  3. Reliable experience: With the help of service workers, we can reliably paint a picture on a user’s screen even when the network has failed.
  4. Engaging: Because we can send notifications to a user, we can really drive the engagement up by keeping the user notified and engaged with the app.

About Appdome SecurePWA

A PWA is converting a website into a mobile app.  Appdome is a mobile solutions platform as a service (iPaaS) that allows users to build a progressive web application from any responsive website and add a wide variety of mobile security, as well as SDKs and APIs to their Android and iOS PWA. Using a simple ‘click to create’ user interface, Appdome allows anyone to easily create a secure PWA instantly, no code or coding required.

Appdome offers SecurePWA as part of Appdome-DEV. SecurePWA transforms enterprise web properties into real, secure and exciting progressive web apps for the digital workforce. All a user on Appdome needs is the website address and app icon. They also need to give a name to their PWA and decide if they want to build a PWA for Android, iOS or both. After that, they are ready to convert their website into a progressive web app and build their PWA in seconds.

Prerequisites for Using Appdome’s SecurePWA

How to Convert Any Website Into a PWA

Follow these step-by-step instructions to convert any website into a PWA.

  1. From the Add App tab, Select Create SecurePWA™
  2. Enter the website address that you’d like to generate as PWA
  3. Specify the App Name
  4. Choose the App platform: iOS, Android or both
  5. For the iOS platform – upload the Provisioning Profile.
  6. (optional) Add an icon to replace the default generated icon
  7. Favicon Settings:
    • (optional) add a favicon and adjust its size and position
  8. (optional) Dev settings – configure the app version and version code
  9. SiteTrust – protect the generated PWA and by default doesn’t allow navigation outside of the given home domain.
  10. (optional) Specify a URL to serve as the entry point to your authentication flow such as an IP address, a company portal or an authentication cloud service.
  11. (optional) Add biometric-based multi-factor authentication, such as Fingerprint, FaceID, and Pincode to your app.
  12. (optional) Enterprise ID – securely share the authentication state between your Appdome-Built apps
  13. (optional) Add an action button (home button)
  14. Click Convert To App

Congratulations! You now have a converted your website to a progressive web app. You can find your PWA in your Appdome account with all the other binaries that you have added to your account.

After Building Your PWA

After you have converted your website to a PWA, there are a few additional steps needed to create your Secure PWA, download it from the Appdome platform and distribute it to your end-users.

You need to move your PWA through the Appdome workflow. Just like with any other app binary that you are integrating services to, you select the PWA in your account, then select the services you would like to add to your PWA and click build my app. The minimum services you can add is ONEShield by Appdome to harden your PWA and effectively create a secure PWA. After that, you need to sign your Secure PWA with your Apple developer certificate or Android Keystore before you can upload it to the public Appstore for distribution.

What You Get with Appdome SecurePWA

The following services are included with Appdome SecurePWA:

The following service are optional and require an additional subscription fee

What Are the Benefits of Appdome SecurePWA?

  • It’s an app, not a browser tab.
  • Apple App / Google Play Store or Enterprise Store distribution.
  • As an app, it:
    • Stores app content on the device and gives you off-line access.
    • Leverages the location information of the device.
    • Can use mobile permissions to get access to the camera, microphone, address book, calendar, etc.
  • Appdome PWAs
    • Are secure by design including binary code obfuscation.
    • Offer the full suite of Appdome services.

How Do I Learn More?

If you have any questions, please send them our way at or via the chat window on the Appdome platform or feel free to request a demo at any time

Thank you!

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