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The Appdome IDEAL Account level is one of the three account levels users can choose from.

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The Benefits of the Appdome IDEAL Account

The Appdome IDEAL account is a right account for the mobile enterprise.  The serious mobile enterprise operating in a highly scaled environment needs to deploy apps en masse. Creating an Appdome IDEAL account offers the mobile enterprise several operational and collaboration features, including external storage options (to connect to the enterprise’s existing app storage implementation) and Appdome’s REST API (to implement the Fusion workflow into the mobile enterprise’s existing development environment).

One of IDEAL’s most powerful add-ons are Appdome-GO™ and Appdome-DEV™. Appdome-DEV provides RESTful APIs that connect with CI/CD automation software (such as Jenkins and other CI/CD tools) and enable organizations to automate their end-to-end mobile integration cycles. Both Appdome-GO and Appdome-DEV include templates and team collaboration. Appdome-DEV offers additional features such as automated workflow integration, alerts, triggers, and more. Appdome-GO also offers the ability to automatically deploy Fused (integrated) apps private/enterprise app stores(like Microsoft Intune, IBM MaaS360 or MobileIron). Appdome-DEV offers the additional deployment option to any public app store (like Apple’s AppStore or Google Play). Appdome-DEV can handle hundreds of simultaneous integrations, making Appdome the perfect complement to other CI/CD systems and tools which enterprises already have deployed.

Appdome-GO and Appdome-DEV’s team collaboration acts as a Delegated Integration Workflow Management.  This unique concept is a collaboration feature, designed to leverage the audit capability, traceability, and accountability, the Appdome Platform provides to all users. For example, if a mobile professional wanted to implement the Appdome Mobile Security Suite, but that user doesn’t know or own the security choices for the enterprise, the user can delegate that part (and only that part) of the Fusion workflow to the security team.  The security team can create a Fusion Set, make the security selections required to protect the app, and push those selections back to the mobile professional for implementation. IDEAL includes unlimited admin users, multi-channel support, and resolution SLAs.

To get a deeper look at the different services available with your Appdome IDEAL account, click here.

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