Custom EMM policies in AppConfig

Adding Custom EMM Policies in AppConfig lets you control and manage the app, apply custom EMM policies including DLP and tunnel policies and populate settings required by your app using App Configuration policies from the EMM Management Console (UEM) for BYOD or managed devices.

This Knowledge Base article describes how to use the Appdome Mobility Suite to integrate the iOS or Android app (for example, SAP Jam app) with the BlackBerry Dynamics EMM SDK, and apply App Configuration policies in the BlackBerry Dynamics Management Console to update AppConfig settings in the app.

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Prerequisites for using Appdome Mobility Suite

In order to use all of the features in Appdome Mobility Suite you’ll need:

How to Add Custom EMM Policies in AppConfig

Please follow these steps to add a mobile app to your Appdome account.

If you don’t have an Appdome account, click here to create an account.

From the “Build” tab, Select Management

Enable or toggle “ON” the EMM Services to open the EMM provider list.

  1. Choose AppConfig
  2. Open Appdome Mobility Suite
  3. Select the specific customization and extensions needed in your app.

Appdome Mobility Suite Features

The Appdome Mobility Suite organizes the options to customize and extend EMM and MAM SDK implementations into easy to find sections. These capabilities would ordinarily need to be developed and coded into an app. With Appdome, adding these capabilities to mobile apps is completed in seconds.

  • Dynamic Container Management™ – This is an EMM or MAM container optimization feature that ensures mobile app performance is not impacted by EMM and MAM SDKs. This feature leverages Appdome’s proprietary Dynamic Container Management methods and provides users with an easy way to configure TOTALDataTM Encryption, Folder Management, and Nested Filesystems.

  • EMM Tunneling – Appdome Mobility Suite allows organizations to control and customize the EMM VPN or Tunnel used inside the mobile apps by telling Appdome how to implement the EMM or MAM SDK.
    • Adaptive App Routing – Select the Routing Schemes to use with your app, including support for VoIP, exclusions, whitelist URLs and other settings.
    • Appdome PreAuth and EMM Authenticated Tunnel – Apply EMM authentication (via EMM supported methods such as Kerberos, KCD and Certificates) to mobile apps and use EMM authentication schemes for tunneled traffic. e.

how to add Custom EMM policies in AppConfig

  • Custom EMM Policies and Populate Settings in AppConfig– With these options enabled you can populate your Fused app’s preferences using an EMM configuration payload.  Custom EMM Policies allow you to apply AppConfig settings to an app on managed or BYOD devices.  It will convert the settings from an EMM for the configuration settings to AppConfig format that the app can read.For iOS application – The JSON file defined in BlackBerry Server configuration payload will be populated directly into the app Standard User Defaults (NSUserDefaults).
    For Android application – The JSON file defined in BlackBerry Server configuration payload will be populated directly into the app DeafultSharedPrefernces using PreferenceManager.
  • BoostEMMTM – Once you select the BlackBerry EMM SDK, open BoostEMM™ to ensure additional features are added to your app including:
    • Connect Secure Browser – When enabled, this feature ensures web links opened in the app, will be opened using the EMMs secure web browser app.
    • Connect Secure Email – When enabled, this feature ensures email links opened in the app, will be opened using the EMMs secure email client app.
    • Secure Document Sharing – When enabled, this feature blocks opening files in third-party apps.  This will also disable all other document sharing.
    • In-App BlackBerry Analytics – This allows the app you are building to use BlackBerry Analytics events in the app.
    • Report BlackBerry Events – Automatically report BlackBerry Dynamics events such as activation, authentication and policy updates to BB Analytics.

Click “Build My App”

Congratulations! When your implementation is complete, you’ll receive the notice below. You now have a mobile app fully integrated with the BlackBerry SDK plus the Appdome Mobility Suite features.

What to do After I Build My App?

After you’ve successfully Fused an app, you need to sign the app in order to deploy it. You can also brand or customize a Fused app on Appdome.

Here is a link to an article with more information on completing mobile integration on Fused apps.

Adding Integrated SAP Jam app to BlackBerry for Deployment to Mobile Devices

Once you have used Appdome to integrate the SAP Jam app to the BlackBerry Dynamics EMM SDK, you can add the app to the BlackBerry Management Console (UEM) as a BlackBerry Entitlements app.

  1. After logging into your BlackBerry environment go to Apps
  2. Add an Internal BlackBerry Dynamics app entitlements
  3. From your Fusion, enter the Name (found under Context), BlackBerry Dynamics entitlement ID (found under Management), and BlackBerry Dynamics entitlement version
  4. Click Add
  5. Under BlackBerry Dynamics, click Upload a template next to App configuration 
  6. Upload your App configuration file and then click Save
    Click to download an example App configuration template in XML for SAP Jam
  7. Save the App (Note: You have to save the app for the App Configuration Policy to be added)
  8. Edit the SAP Jam App Again
    a. Click the App configuration file
    b. Edit the default Name to the relevant users’ group/users and enter the value matches the SAPJam key and click Save (contact your SAP admin manager to receive the activation token)
    c. Click the + to add a different Token to a new users group/user
    d. Edit the default Name to the second users’ group/users and enter the value matches the SAPJam key and click Save (contact your SAP admin manager to receive the activation token)
  9. Select the Override BlackBerry Dynamics profile and Override compliance profile for the Built app (optional, otherwise the app will inherit the assigned user policy)
  10. Click iOS or Android to add the SAP Jam app to BlackBerry
  11. Add the Fused SAP Jam app
  12. Click  Save
  13. To assign the SAP Jam app to a user or group
    1. go to Users 
    2. Select the user or group to
    3. Scroll down to Assign apps
    4. To the right of Applications, click + to assign the app
    5. Assign the App configuration template with the relevant token
    6. Click Assign

That is it – Enjoy your Appdome Built app!  All users can install this app through BlackBerry on the managed and BYOD devices.

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