Data at Rest Encryption is "ON" but There are Unencrypted Files Inside My App’s Sandbox

This Knowledge Base provides troubleshooting tips and common items to check if you enabled Data at Rest Encryption but still find unencrypted files inside your app’s sandbox.

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Appdome Troubleshooting and Tips

What to check if you find unencrypted files inside your data at rest encryption sandbox

If you enabled Data at Rest encryption from the Appdome Mobile Security Suite, but still found unencrypted files inside your app’s sandbox, here is a list of the most common reasons for this issue.

  1. Some files can’t be encrypted. See Mobile TOTALData Encryption Exceptions and Comments for a list and explanation.
  2. Did you use “Exclude Media Files” or “Exclude Web Files“?  If the file in question is a media file, then this is the expected behavior.  If you want that particular file to be encrypted, you can create a custom exclusion list instead on our predefined options. use “Exclude the Following Files“, and build your app again.
  3. Did you use “Exclude the Following Files“? if the files match the patterns, then this is the expected behavior. You can refine the exclude list of your app, and build again.

TotalDATA exclusion options

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