Does Appdome Add Libraries to My App?

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Libraries in the Adapter, not in the app

Appdome is very transparent about what occurs to your app and libraries during the fusion process on the Appdome Platform.
Appdome adds a purpose-built fusion library to the Appdome Adapter to orchestrate the interaction of the fused services and the target app. The library helps in mapping your selected services to relevant OS APIs, avoiding packaging conflicts and dependencies, and protecting your app. The library contains.

  • One or more Fusion Engines, based on your selected fusion sets
  • The POSIX map layer
  • Security controls such as anti-tampering, anti-debugging, anti-reversing (designed to protect your app and the adapter)

The Fusion Adapter library communicates with the native libraries in your app via the Run-time integration Module, which acts as a translation layer between your app and the Appdome Adapter.

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