How to Use Mobile Client Certificates to Validate Mobile App Connections to Protected Servers

Mobile apps are equipped with native support for different secure access solutions, leaving organizations on their own to manually integrate these services or compromise network architecture to solve for a use case involving a custom-developed app. This Knowledge Base article describes how to pin Static Client Certificates to a mobile app so that only trusted, valid mobile apps can connect to protected resources/servers.

How to Use Mobile Client Certificates to Validate Mobile App Connections to Protected Servers

  • Session Hardening – Appdome allows you to restrict the parameters of the App’s connection, using Strict Protocol Checking and Server Validation.
  • Mobile Client Certificates – apply restrictions on the server or gateway which is the destination for the mobile App. Appdome can integrate the certificates needed to identify permitted clients and present them as part of the secured connections. Enterprise extension for static client pinning. It allows the use of a unique client-side certificate distributed by a SCEP server on a per-user basis.

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Appdome provides the ability to build app configuration information, removing the burden for mobile end users having to copy and paste (or manually enter) server locations and other resource data.

This includes private URLs, custom config files and custom values, add private certificates and authorities, proxy PAC files and more to ensure App requests and data can successful traverse complex enterprise network environments:

  • Private Server Certificates and Authorities – Appdome’s adapter makes it easy for Apps to be loaded with private CA public certificates during Fusion and allow connections to private servers.
  • Certificate Pinning– This allows you to pin a defined list of server public certificate files and CA to enable self-signed backend access from your app.

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Check out how Appdome’s proprietary MiTM prevention, can be combined with Appdome MicroVPN to protect mobile data ‘in transit’, and ensure that all mobile sessions, connections, and certificates are valid and trusted at all times.

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