Custom Mobile MFA Workflows in iOS/Android apps

Appdome-Threat Events provide a framework to initiate a multi-factor authentication workflow inside a mobile app at any point in the application logic

This Knowledge Base article explains how to build custom MFA workflows inside Android and iOS apps.

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About Building Custom Mobile MFA Workflows in iOs and Android apps

Building Multi-Factor Authentication inside Android and iOS apps involves several significant considerations. Perhaps the most significant consideration is “where” and “when” the Multi-Factor workflow will take place inside the app. Usually, an MFA workflow is initiated after a login sequence. In this use case, the client and the server are built to handle the basic authentication sequence (User –> launches app –> enters credentials –> credentials verified by the server –> user issued a token or cookie allowing access to the app) and, thereafter, the MFA workflow is initiated.

But, what if the app developer wants the MFA workflow to occur at some point other than immediately after login? In these cases, Appdome-Threat Events provides a framework to initiate a multi-factor authentication workflow at any point in the application logic. 

This article will demonstrate how a mobile developer can use Appdome can initiate an MFA workflow inside an Android or iOS app, at any point in the client or server application logic.

Prerequisites for Building Custom Multi-Factor Authentication Workflows Inside Android and iOS Apps With Appdome-Threat Events

In order to use Appdome-Threat Events you need:

Using Appdome-Threat Events to Build Custom Mobile MFA Workflows

Developer’s Flow:

  1. When the App wants to trigger an MFA sequence. it will send a Threat-Event to Appdome
  2. Appdome Mobile MFA will begin the authentication flow as described here, Using Appdome’s Dynamic UI
  3. When the authentication flow has completed, Appdome sends a notification to the app which contains if the authentication was successful and information extracted from the tokens.

Since each MFA provider has different requirements and MFA options, the events are described in each related page.

How Do I Learn More?

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To zoom out on this topic, visit the Appdome Platform section on our website.

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