How to Register Apps in Ping Federate

Any App that wants to use the solutions for single sign-on (SSO) of Ping Federate must first be registered in Ping’s OAuth server. This registration process involves giving Ping’s server details about your App, such as the URL where it’s located, the URL to send replies after a user is authenticated, the URI that identifies the app, and so on.

This Knowledge Base article provides step-by-step instructions for registering an App in Ping Federate.

Prerequisites for Apps registration in Ping Federate

In order to register Apps in Ping Federate you’ll need:

  • Ping Federate portal credentials

Register Apps in Ping Federate using the portal

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to register Apps in Ping Federate OAuth server:

  1. Login to Ping Federate portal
  2. Go to OAuth Server
  3. Click “Create New”

4. Enter Client ID

5. Enter an App name

6. Select “None” in Client Authentication

7. Fill in redirect URIs

8. Select “Authorization Code and Resource Owner Password Credentials” in Allowed grant types

Register an App with Client Secret

  1. Select “Client Secret” in “Client Authentication”
  2. Click on “Generate Secret”

This will create automatically the Client Secret of the app.

Register an App without Client Secret

  1. Select “None” in “Client Authentication”

That’s it – Now you can head over to the Appdome Platform and add Ping SSO to your App
When using Appdome to integrate Ping SSO to your App, you will be required to enter the registered App config details.

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